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BillProxy Announces the Launch of the Free Version of Their Service

BillProxy Announces the Launch of the Free Version of Their Service , a reputable proxy service, is ready to announce the launch of the new version of their website,, which is ultimately free for users from different countries. The service will provide a comprehensive socks 5 proxy list compatible with the most popular web-browsers, FTPs, IM and mail-clients as well as specialized programs, such as Proxifier, SocksCap, WideCap, ProxyCap and others.

Managers of the company point out: “The benefit of our new service is its FREE accessibility. This means that each user will be able to use the advantages of this website any time he/she needs irrespective of his/her income. ” They also underline that the advanced proxy connection scheme has been substantially modified in this version. Unlike the “classical” scheme of proxy connection, the process is done through the website’s special Gate-server. The main advantage of this method is that neither proxy, nor the target resource will be able to recognize the actual IP-address of the computer. This is because they will deal with the IP-address of the Gate-server only.

BillProxy specialists stress: “The policy of our free proxy service implies that each client should be able to choose a unique SOCKS proxy from the free proxy list we offer.” To use the advantages of the new proxy service, each client should fill out the registration form, which does not take much time and effort. This will provide free access to the list of available proxies.

The company experts say: “Each client that uses our services will be able to choose free proxies with IP-addresses from different countries of the world and sort them out with regard to the required connection speed and duration of online presence. We understand that choosing the right web proxy is essential for our clients, so we hope that this fast, bug free and reliable proxy service will ensure the best surfing experience you need.”

About the Company:

The BillProxy team has been serving the needs of their clients for several years already. As a reputable proxy service, they provide a long list of socks5 proxies that are compatible with the most popular web-browsers, IM and mail-clients, FTPs and other specialized programs. They offer numerous advantages to each client. For more information, please, visit

BillProxy Ltd.
Phone: (284) 494-4733
Address: P.O. Box 3155, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Zip code: VG1110

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