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Birkbeck Department Of Earth And Planetary Sciences Sees Growth In Distance Learning Geology Degrees

Birkbeck Department Of Earth And Planetary Sciences Sees Growth In Distance Learning Geology Degrees

London, UK – It’s no secret Birkbeck college has a flexible approach to teaching. The institution has a long tradition for making higher education available to the masses. Part of the University of London, Birkbeck college continues that tradition to this day.

The college is no stranger to changing the way higher education gets offered to students. One important milestone for Birkbeck is their distance learning geology degree courses. For many years, they have offered flexible evening and Saturday education. They are proud to announce growth in their distance learning geology courses.

Growing numbers of students are choosing to enrol in Birkbeck’s geology courses. They are flexible and the college uses cutting-edge technology to teach students.

An introduction to Birkbeck’s distance learning geology degrees

Birkbeck recognises the need to offer distance learning degrees to UK and international students. It is now possible for people outside of London to study with the college and gain a geology degree.

They offer four geology degree courses, all with entry certificate routes. The courses are as follows:

? BSc Geology. The course has accreditation by the Geological Society of London. It also has compulsory field classes and a field mapping project;
? BSc Earth Sciences. Students can also enrol in optional field classes;
? BSc Environmental Geology. Has compulsory field classes and an environmental project; and
? BSc Planetary Sciences with Astronomy. As with Earth Sciences, it has optional field classes.

One can enrol from another part of the UK, or overseas. Birkbeck also offers students the option to attend face-to-face classes in central London. Those classes get taught in afternoon, evening and Saturday sessions.

The geology degrees usually attract students that have a degree in a different subject. Some students also work in a professional capacity and wish to further their careers. Others may have an interest in geology or planetary science.

Birkbeck college has around 320 active geology students around the world. They first started teaching BSc Geology back in 1840 and are one of London’s oldest colleges.

About Birkbeck

Back in 1823, Birkbeck college started out life as an independent institute. Since 1920, it has been a part of the University of London. Set up by Dr George Birkbeck, its goal was to make university education accessible to all. Dr Birkbeck wanted people that held full-time jobs to have a chance at higher education.

The college meets the needs of today’s hard-working students. It offers a variety of courses where learning is possible on evenings and Saturdays.

Birkbeck continues to be a world-class research and teaching centre. It is a vibrant and specialist provider of higher education in London. In 2012-13, Birkbeck had 16,463 students. Almost 90% of those students enrolled in part-time higher education courses. Most of them live in the UK, but growing numbers of international students choose to enrol with Birkbeck.

For more information, contact:

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Birkbeck, University of London
School of Science
Malet Street

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7631 6665 or 0203 073 8032


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