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Black & White Travel Offers Topnotch Concierge Services for a More Memorable Iceland Experience
Black and White Travels

Black & White Travel Offers Topnotch Concierge Services for a More Memorable Iceland Experience

Contact: Stefan Thorisson

Company: Black & White Travel

Address: Dalvegur 22, 201 Kapovogur, Iceland

Telephone Number: 354 660 6161

Email: blackandwhite@blackandwhitetravel.is

Website: www.blackandwhitetravel.is


Black & White Travel is proud to offer their guests with topnotch concierge services that can make their Iceland experience even more memorable. The company wants their guest to fully enjoy their stay in Iceland that will make them come back to the country over and over again.

Travelling to Iceland is one of the most delightful vacations that one can ever have. With the stunning sceneries, delectable dishes and friendly people, Iceland remains to be one of the most visited destinations in the world. Now, Iceland visitors can be sure that their stay in the country is something that they will treasure for the rest of their lives with the help of Black & White Travel’s exclusive Concierge Services.

The company is composed of a team of amicable and knowledgeable Concierges who are always more than happy and honored to serve every guest to the best of their abilities throughout their Iceland vacation. Whether the reason for the visit is business or pleasure, the company’s Concierges will always be there, ready to serve.

Their Concierges are skilled when it comes to setting dining reservations, tee times, day tours, excursions, and sports events. They can also handle shows and even appointments to the spa and salon. They also know where to find the best nightclubs in the area as well as the perfect floral arrangements and gifts ideal for different occasions and purposes. Black & White Travel’s Concierges are also very much happy to answer all general questions from all guests, providing them with assistance and local insider information.

Black & White Travel’s Concierge Staff is fully committed to providing their guests with only the highest level and quality of service. The company offers a large variety of services at the most competitive prices. The staff is also available round the clock to help every concern of the guests and they stay up to date with all the latest in accommodation and travel to make people’s stay in Iceland more memorable.


For more information about the Concierge services offered by Black & White Travel, feel free to visit their official website at www.blackandwhitetravel.is or send an email at blackandwhite@blackandwhitetravel.is.

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