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Black & White Travel’s Private Jet Services Continue to Wow Iceland Guests and Travelers

Black & White Travel’s Private Jet Services Continue to Wow Iceland Guests and Travelers

Contact: Stefan Thorisson

Company: Black & White Travel

Address: Dalvegur 22, 201 Kapovogur, Iceland

Telephone Number: 354 660 6161



Black & White Travel’s Private Jet Services continue to wow many Iceland guests and travelers. The company’s dedication to offering utmost comfort and luxury to their clients is a solid proof of their commitment to giving everyone only the best that they deserve.

As one of the European countries with the least population, Iceland is a famous destination for both tourism and business. Famous for its volcanoes, geysers, and hot springs, Iceland has a constant stream of tourists from different parts of the world. Black & White Travel arranges private jet charter flights to and from the country for both business and private aviation.

The company helps international corporations, government entities, entertainers and musicians, sports franchises and private consumers with all the vital services needed for them to experience the highest level of safety and security in their private air transportation. B & W Travel’s private jet services are specifically made for those who know very well that the costs of transportation are not supposed to include the exorbitant price of failure.

Through the help of Black & White Travel, clients are given an access to an extensive variety of aircraft choices, ranging from standard airliners, regional lines and a plethora of executive jets that can suit every unique need of travelers.  Specifically, the categories include airliners, jets, heavy jets, light jets, mid-size jets and super mids.

The impressive loyalty rate of the company’s parnter clientele of more than 90% only shows that Black & White Travel partners does go the extra mile to ensure that all their clients will get only the most reliable and specialized service that meets their needs and requirements.

Acting as agents and negotiators for the VIP clients, Black & White Travel works only with licensed and reliable air carriers for all their clients to experience air transportation like no other.


For more information about the private jet services of Black & White Travel, check out their website at You can also call them at 354 660 6161.

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