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Blomdahl As Leading Online Seller of Skin Friendly, High Quality, Medical Grade Jewelry

Blomdahl As Leading Online Seller of Skin Friendly, High Quality, Medical Grade Jewelry

28, November 2016: Parents often don’t know what to do or where to turn when their daughters ask for an ear piercing. But thanks to companies like Blomdahl, there’s more help and advice out there than ever before. Blomdahl is a leading online seller of skin-friendly, medical grade jewelry for girls across the USA. The company specializes in making earrings that are safe for children.

The Issue Of Nickel Allergies

When it comes to buying earrings for their daughters, parents have to be careful. Right now in the US, there are no regulations regarding the manufacture of hypoallergenic jewelry. Companies are free to use materials that children might have an adverse reaction to.

One common problem is nickel allergy. At the moment, a lot of children’s jewelry products contain nickel. If exposed to nickel for long enough, some children can develop an allergy. Nickel in jewelry, as well as in zips, buttons, and coins all contribute. It is estimated that between 10 and 30 percent of girls will develop a nickel allergy by the time they reach adulthood.

FDA Approved Materials

Blomdahl USA has a selection of skin friendly earrings that help to avoid this. The company uses only medical grade materials recommended by the FDA for use inside the body. In fact, the company uses the very same materials used in medical devices, like heart values and surgical screws. At present, Blomdahl is the only company in the US to manufacture its earrings using these proven safe materials.

The first of these super safe materials is pure titanium. A lot of jewelry that claims to be titanium is, in fact, a mixture of titanium and nickel. Titanium from Blomdahl, however, contains no nickel whatsoever. This means that it has excellent hypoallergenic properties and won’t cause any adverse reactions.

The second of these materials is medical plastic. This contains no latex, no BPA, and no nickel.

Blomdahl hopes that their attention to detail will persuade parents to come to them when their daughters ask to have their ears pierced. They hope that their expertise in materials will help children avoid adverse reactions to their earrings.

Styles Include

Just because Blomdahl earrings are safe, however, doesn’t mean that they’re not stylish. The company offers a range of earrings, including medical plastic styles, medical titanium styles, hoops, pearls and crystal balls. The company also sells nose jewelry in a range of different styles too. Children can choose from heart-shaped earrings, jeweled studs, butterfly earrings and aquamarine pendants.

Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System

Blomdahl has developed its own medical ear piercing system to make the process of piercing children’s ears as safe as possible. The company supplies medical grade ear piercing studs, designed to widen the hole in the ear. Parents must ensure that their children use the right studs until the tissue around the piercing has healed. This is to prevent nickel metal from passing directly through into the bloodstream.

Currently, Blomdahl earrings can be ordered for delivery from their website. The company also runs a helpline for parents who have questions.

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