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BlueFX have just launched a new video explaining their new after effects template

BlueFX have just launched a new video explaining their new after effects template

BlueFX have just launched a new after effects template , the video explainer template, a template that saves a lot of time and money for video editors, and have created a new youtube video in which they present their template.

BlueFX have started their business of creating after effects templates for over 6 years, and right now they are probably the best after effects templates creators on the market. They have created hundried of after effects templates so far, and a few of them are given away for free.

Since creating after effects videos, takes a lot of time for video editors, 7 or 8 years ago, after effects templates were introduced. It was a great moment in the history of video editing, because in the past, great looking animated videos were only available to companies with great budgets.

However, when after effects templates were created, even small companies who wanted great videos, in which they could present their business,started having  access to a cheap and very accessible option. Right now after effects templates cost around $50-70, and even though there are a lot of companies who create after effects templates, it is advisable to buy from producers who offer video tutorials for their templates.

Bluefx is unique for their tutorials, because all their after effects tempaltes, even the free ones, come with video tutorials, and they have over 6000 loyal clients from around the world who love and use their digital products.

They create a new after effects template each month in order to show their clients that they are really appreciated, and their new free after effects template is really amazing. They have given it to a few favorite clients for a test, and all of them have said that the template is worth at least $47.

The mini video explainer after effects template was created mostly for people who want to presents their business in a short video, and have a very small budget. The video editor who makes their presentation can easily edit the details of their business using Adobe After Effects, he can add a video or photos, and both the video editor and the client save a lot of time and money.

BlueFX has created a new video in which they explain the advantages of their new after effects template, and they also provide a link for people to download it for free.

Their video can be watched in this link:

About us: Creators of the best after effects templates.

Contact: Steve Harolds
Company BlueFX
Address: 122 Main Street, 03262, N. Woodstock, NH
Telephone No.: 603-745-8972

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