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Boca Raton Start-UP FrienUP Brings SIMPLICITY To Social Networking

Boca Raton Start-UP FrienUP Brings SIMPLICITY To Social Networking

13, November 2015: The Boca Raton region in South Florida gains popularity as the new start-up hub in the US. Start-up like the FrienUPsocial networking app in the areahas attracted thousands of users even before officially launching. Boca Raton start-ups are believed to create a significant impact on the national GDP in the near future.

Boca Raton has been in the center of many news reports about successful new start-ups in the US. The new Silicon Valley for ambitious entrepreneurs isalso becoming extremely popular among investors as a hot spot to fuel investments, which will offer lucrative returns in no time. Among many unofficial news on Boca Raton start-ups a new start-up by the name FrienUP social networking app has managed to steel the limelight.

What makesFrienUP so special among the rest? And what is FrienUP? FrienUP is a social networking app – instant messaging app, which will be launched in the near future. FrienUP social networking app allows users to connect with family, friends, colleagues, and smart phone users in a whole new level. What distinguishes FrienUP from the rest of the Boca Raton start-ups and mobile apps is the fame it has gained even before it is officially launched. SIMPLICITY – CONVENIENCE – REAL EMOTIONAL CONNECTIONS – That’s FrienUP. This social networking app’s potential is identified by its follower base. 27k or more followers are following FrienUP online, Mega Pop Star like Britney Spears is already following FrienUP! Is it the unique short and sweet name? Or is it the eye-catching sophisticated logo? Regardless what it is, Entrepreneur, CEO and FounderMercatur Guerrier and his exceptionally talented team have perfectly pooled in their resources to make this new start-up a success at the very beginning.

The Founder and CEO of this successful Boca Raton start-up, Mercatur Guerrier is a serial entrepreneur who founded two new start-ups and was recently Head of Field Sales Operations for Boom, a start-up out of Palo Alto California.

The FrienUP social networking app’s landing page at www.FrienUP.com allows followers and potential users to request download and subscribe for updates, from the look of it all, FrienUP will definitely be the next big hit amongBoca Raton start-ups. Statistics, forecasts and the enthusiasm of the followers of this new start-up proves this beyond any reasonable doubts. More details of the exclusive FrienUP social networking app can be grabbed by viewing the exciting YouTube video created, at https://youtu.be/fUVMTv8Vyh0.

Contact Us:
To learn more onFrienUP social networking app, please contact:
Mercatur Guerrier, Founder and CEO
Email: contact@FrienUP.com
Web: www.FrienUP.com
Twitter: @FrienUP

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