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Boost Mental Health And Harness Creativity With Journal2day

Boost Mental Health And Harness Creativity With Journal2day

KAB Software is pleased to announce the recent release of their new software for Windows entitled “Journal2Day.” The program is an innovative journal/diary that is simple to use and offers a variety of benefits. Unlike online journal applications, Journal2Day is completely offline and does not require people to post their private thoughts online. Journal2Day can be used to keep a personal diary, prayer journal, daily journal, or to keep track of any information that should be kept private. Although initially developed for adults, the program is also suitable for tweens and teens.

Keeping a journal has been proven to provide a number of mental health benefits such as reducing stress, improving self-esteem, and helping cope with illness. Since there is so much data about the advantages of journaling, counsellors and therapists often encourage their patients to do so. Besides health benefits, writing a journal helps to harness creativity. It helps individuals communicate thoughts, memorize information, and brainstorm new ideas.

KAB Software is currently inviting individuals to test out Journal2Day and experience the many benefits that come with keeping an offline journal. For a limited time, the company is offering a free 15 day trial. To find out more information about Journal2Day, including the free trail, visit the KAB Software website directly at

About KAB Software:

Originally founded in 1996, KAB Software has proudly released a number of innovative software programs throughout the last 19 years. Their first program was an email software entitled “Lydia Email Agent”, which is no longer available. In 1998, KAB released KAB webcam software, which is still available today and is currently the longest-selling webcam software to date. In 2012, the company released FrazzleMail, a safe email software for children.

Keith Bingham – Owner
KAB Software
(512) 961-6174
Lockhart, Texas, United States

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