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Boulder Acupuncturist David Scrimgeour Provides Support for Cancer Patients

Boulder Acupuncturist David Scrimgeour Provides Support for Cancer Patients

Boulder, CO 22 December 2014

This year, an estimated 1,665,540 new cancer cases will be diagnosed and 585,720 people will die from cancer in the US, according to the American Cancer Society. Western medicine has made advances in surgery, radiation and chemotherapy that have increased the cancer survival rates for some cancers; however, the side effects of these treatments have left many patients turning to alternative medicine for help. Boulder Acupuncturist, David Scrimgeour, uses acupuncture and Chinese medicine as supportive modalities for people undergoing cancer treatments or recovering from cancer.

According to David Scrimgeour, there are several areas where acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can benefit a person undergoing cancer treatment or recovering from cancer. First, for a person going through conventional treatments, acupuncture can help with the side effects, including peripheral neuropathy, nausea, vomiting, pain and fatigue. It can also speed post-surgical healing and can help a person have a higher quality of life during the treatments. Once the treatments are finished, Scrimgeour claims that there is a profound benefit of acupuncture and Chinese medicine to support the immune system to help prevent future recurrence and to help the person regain their overall energy, health and vitality. Finally, at the conclusion of treatments, he recommends a gradual detoxification program as often the liver and kidneys have been negatively affected by chemotherapy.

Not only does a person suffer from the cancer itself, but the treatments create a new level of trauma for the body. Acupuncture, says Scrimgeour, can be extremely effective at bringing the body back into balance so it can heal on a deep level. Scrimgeour finds that Chinese formulas and functional medicine provide enormous benefits for people with cancer. For example, one Chinese herbal formula he recommends boosts immune function and strengthens the core energy of the body. Another Japanese herbal formula has an abundance of research showing that it increases natural killer cell activity. In fact, some of these formulas are now recommended by leading cancer centers in the U.S.

Providing an effective nutritional protocol for people recovering from cancer is also one of Scrimgeour’s specializations. The goal, says David, is to ensure that people have all the support they need to lead a healthy, active life and to recover on the physical, mental and emotional levels. Many patients find that using acupuncture and Chinese medicine greatly improves the outcome as well as their quality of life during treatments and during recovery.

About David Scrimgeour, Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

David Scrimgeour has been providing supportive treatments for patients with cancer for over 24 years. He is nationally board-certified by the NCAAOM and state-licensed in Colorado. After completing graduate work at U.C. Berkeley, he received his formal training in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese medicine in 1990 and then spent several years mentoring with some of the greatest acupuncture masters from around the world. Today, David lectures widely and trains acupuncturists throughout the country. David Scrimgeour sees patients at his acupuncture clinic in Boulder, Colorado and also serves the Longmont, Louisville, Lafayette and Erie areas. For complete information, please visit his website at www.davidscrimgeour.com or call 303 413-9596.

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