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BPM Wave Presents Its 90-Days Deployable Digital Banking Applications @ IBM InterConnect

BPM Wave Presents Its 90-Days Deployable Digital Banking Applications @ IBM InterConnect

BPM Wave Showcases Its 90-Days Deployable Digital Transformation Offerings for the Commercial Banking Sector @ IBM Interconnect 2016.

Las Vegas, February 23, 2016 — Jon Wiener, Partner within BPM Wave (, will speak about the company’s approach for supporting digital transformation within the Global Banking Sector at IBM InterConnect 2016, the Premier Cloud and Mobile Conference on February 24th. Within the Business Process Innovation track, Jon will discuss about the trends and challenges of digital transformation and the way the company has helped its customers rapidly deploy their BankConnect solutions portfolio for quick impact.

A recent McKinsey quote said that “Banking industry experts anticipate that digital transformation will put upward of 30% of the revenues of a typical bank in play, particularly in high-turnover products such as personal loans and payments. More so, that these same banks can remove 20 – 25% of their cost base by leveraging this digital shift, with a vast competitive edge over a traditional incumbent.”

“From our experience, there is a fundamental disconnect between the notion of digital transformation and what banks worldwide typically face when actually trying to transform. These include greater than estimated application complexity, integrating the cloud thinking into its technology roadmap, heavy strain on IT and LOB resources or the poor availability of skilled market resources for enterprise solutions builds. In summary, long and protracted enterprise solution projects are not in sync with the notion of digital transformation”, says Jon Wiener.

BPM Wave solves these issues with their 90-days deployable applications that can be fully tailored to any customer’s environment, integrated with all required back-end systems and built on top of IBM’s best of breed technology stack (IBM BPM, IIB and Pure Application System).

In his presentation, Jon is going to share real life examples of how BPM Wave customer banks have fast tracked the rollout of new digital service offerings by leveraging the company’s digital applications portfolio for the retail banking sector.  One of these applications is LoanConnect, an integrated solution for managing the request, analysis, approval and disbursal of Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Auto Loans, Mortgages and Overdrafts, available for on premise or cloud deployment (BPM in cloud or Pure Service).

“The key value of LoanConnect and all our BankConnect application suite, is that they essentially eliminate the core legacy issues associated with deploying next gen digital service offering, while delivering the critical market expectations of optichannel access and a less frictional customer experience. Last but not least, they deliver a strong balance of significantly improved transaction speed with increased governance over those transactions” explains Jon Wiener.

This year, IBM InterConnect will reunite more than 30,000 business and IT stakeholders from various industries into more than 1,500 technical sessions, 8 streams, 42 tracks, 3 general sessions, hundreds of hands-on labs and certification opportunities, offering unlimited networking possibilities. The event centers on offering fresh insight into the latest trends in mobile and cloud, as a consequence of the increasing demand for connected, consolidated, scalable and mobile business solutions.

About BPM Wave:
BPM Wave offers packaged and easy to tailor solutions for on premise and SaaS offerings for cloud. The company supports banks worldwide in their digital transformation journey with 90-days deployable applications that can be fully tailored to any environment, integrated with all required back end systems and built utilizing IBM’s best of breed technology stack.
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