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Brief Introduction to BAORUI Technology and Revaluecoin

Brief Introduction to BAORUI Technology and Revaluecoin

29, September 2015: The operation of revaluecoin is one of the primary business of the company, and 14 service centers of revaluecoin had been set up all over the country by now. The revaluecoin (abbreviate:RAC), which is a kind of digital encrypted currency based on an 11-round encryption algorithm, was jointly researched and developed by the digital currency enthusiasts in America, China, Germany, France, Australia and Britain. It is established on basis of P2P and cryptography and generated by massive calculation in accordance with specific algorithm. The design based on cryptography ensures the ownership of currency and anonymity of circulation and trade.

Due to the characteristics defined as constant, portable with a wide range of audience, the revaluecoin is regarded as an investment product with enormous revaluation potential, attracting numerous investors to go after it like a flock of birds. The profit of the revaluecoin makes that of other financial products unable to keep up the pace, the strong price trend helps investors realize substantial economic rise.

The sound developing trend of revaluecoin has made its first appearance and will become more obvious from now on. With the further spreading and popularizing of revaluecoin, the price of revaluecoin will rise, which makes it the perfect time to invest in revaluecoin, users can learn about it by entering the trade platform of revaluecoin or calling the company, or they can directly go to the service centers in various regions or seek advice from the staff in company.

About: Deyang BAORUI Technology Co., Ltd.:

Founded in July in 2010, Deyang BAORUI Technology Co., Ltd. is a network technology company with combination of network promotion, website construction, operation and promotion of revaluecoin, electronic business operation and market development.

For Media Contact:
Deyang BAORUI Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel: 400-682-5078

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