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British school Abu Dhabi fosters intuitive learning

British school Abu Dhabi fosters intuitive learning

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates – In this day and age where children are forced to follow rather than lead, a British School that is determined to change the path to education is Repton School. Known to be among the premier British curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi , this school though, only a couple of years old, is already setting the stage for enhanced learning.

At Repton, the unique British flavor coupled with local flair makes this school a true international institution. Schools in UAE are following suit in order to instill a global learning atmosphere where children can experience diversified education that will help them gain all round development.

The school takes its inspiration in terms of structure and curriculum from the Repton in Derbyshire, England with which the school is in partnership. The rich history of the sister school offers Repton Abu Dhabi, the inspiration to open doors to modern learning that is barrier free. And, the fact that the school also believes in working with local elements to create a unique learning platform makes this school a top choice among primary schools in Dubai.

About Repton:

This British curriculum school caters to the education needs of pupils aged 3 and up following the English independent school curriculum that incorporates elements of the English National Curriculum.

It is here that every child is treated like an individual whose needs feature at the top empowering the school to meet the highest standards of education in the country motivating children to become their best. To know more about the school and inquire about admission requirements, please visit http://www.reptonAbuDhabi.org/

Media Contact
Repton School
Al Reem Island . P.O. Box: 45016
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971 (0)2 507 4800

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