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British school in Dubai promotes balanced learning at every stage

British school in Dubai promotes balanced learning at every stage

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Foremarke, a British school in Dubai takes pride in doing things differently, in using innovative and intriguing methods in helping children learn. The school has known to set a benchmark for other British curriculum schools to follow laying the path for enhanced learning that is inspired by an inquisitive mind.

Of the many things that this international school in Dubai does that is different is keep the size of classes small. It believes that this gives the school and the teaching staff an opportunity to understand the needs of every student from close quarters and therefore, devise learning tools to suit the needs of each child. This level of attention helps a student feel comfortable as he or she learns at his pace with no external pressure.

This is also why Foremarke is considered one of the top British curriculum schools in Dubai . In addition to keeping the class size small, the school employs state of the art learning faculties through well experienced teachers to make sure children and their parents get the best resources to learn and grow with the school. Recently, this school was also granted World School Hub status by IAPS, a recognition given to schools with excellent practices and modern infrastructure.

About Foremarke:

This British curriculum school in Dubai is a close knit co-educational school with high aspirations for every kid that joins here. The school caters to learning needs of students from Foundation Stage 1(Nursery) to Year 6, following the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum for England. To know more about the school and peruse through the admission requirements please visit

Media Contact
Foremarke School
GEO 25° 4.750’N 55° 14.566’E
Al Barsha South . P.O.Box: 391984 . Dubai .UAE
Tel: +971 (0) 4 818 8600

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