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BroadNet Technologies – Your Exclusive Online SMS Gateway Partner!

BroadNet Technologies – Your Exclusive Online SMS Gateway Partner!

Beirut, Lebanon, May 21,2016 — BroadNet Technologies, a company at the helm of telecommunication industry, offers high-speed and well-organized SMS transmission. Since 2003, the year in which the company commenced the business, it was a success in gripping the attention of the customers and spurring them to utilize the services of the company.

We utilize very good and innovative tools and technology when it involves sending single SMS or bulk SMS messages to your global targeted people. The fees we charge for offering the service is also quite low. So you need not think twice while choosing our SMS transmission service. Touching base with your near and dear ones has never been so easier! Explore our website and get to know the wide range of exciting SMS features we offer our customers. You can compare the features as well as price rates for SMS transmission services and you will realize that we deliver the most reasonably priced solutions to date.

At BroadNet Technologies, we guarantee extensive deliverability across our large-scale network. We have a vast range of global networks, which covers over 150+ countries. We also offer fully dedicated free of cost 24/7 customer support. That means whether you have a question to be answered or an issue to be ironed out, our technical support team are available to cater to your needs expertly.

Our SMS transmission service includes the following features. All sent SMS text messages get synchronized delivery reports. SMS text messages, which exceed 160 characters, are programmed mechanically to divide into a lot of SMS messages, making sure that your entire message is being delivered timely. Programmed single or bulk SMS text messages are sent by dint of our user-friendly widgets. You have supreme control. We offer real-time info of your sent and programmed SMS text messages.  You can find our presence in all online social media channels.

We render special thanks to you for choosing BroadNet Technologies!

To get a complete pull of information about the updated information, please visit the website:

About BroadNet Technologies

BroadNet Technologies LLC located in Al Manara Tower – Business Bay – Dubai. BroadNet is your long-term Bulk SMS solution provider. We provide a Fully Operational Bulk SMS Platform that can adapt to new Business Environments. This platform would enable you to achieve Highest Quality Service and Effective Support Compliance Handling. We help different businesses communicate easily to their customers and to get New Customers through our Professional Services.

About BroadNet

Commenced in 2003, BroadNet is a recognized and a reputable Company offering a variety of telecommunication services such as HLR, SMSC, A2P, and OTP Verification and a variety of other IT services such as Mobile app development, App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization under one roof for its international clients. The Company also offers wide-ranging and cost-effective e-marketing solutions with the view to connecting businesses with the intended targeted audiences.

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