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Bulletproof Playing Cards has “Rivered” its Kickstarter Campaign

Bulletproof Playing Cards has “Rivered” its Kickstarter Campaign

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA – Sly Kly Design, the Utah-based inventions company, has today announced that their Kickstarter campaign, which aims to mass-produce their new and improved Carbon Fiber and Kevlar hybrid playing cards, has thus far been a success.

Having raised $13,000 in just the first twenty-hours, the Sly Kly playing cards have already been a big hit in the crowdfunding community. This latest campaign is on the back of the previously successful Kickstarter campaign, which saw Sly Kly Design release Carbon Fiber playing cards in January 2014. Sly Kly aims to shake up the playing cards industry once again by manufacturing a new set of cards with Carbon Fiber and Kevlar – the synthetic fiber used to make bulletproof vests – meaning this new set is made to last a lifetime.

Sly Kly aim to raise $35,000 with their campaign, and have already passed the 50% mark.

“I was completely blown away by the reception my first foray into playing cards received on Kickstarter, which was over a year ago. That campaign saw me introduce the stylish Carbon Fiber playing cards. Since then, I’ve been inundated with emails asking me when I’ll be making these cards again”, said Kyle Sorensen, founder of Sly Kly Design. “With this new Kickstarter campaign, we’ve not only brought back these cards, but we’ve added Kevlar into the build, making them far more durable. We’ve also changed the design slightly, which we feel gives the playing cards a better look and feel. I’d like to personally thank everyone that’s pledged towards this new campaign, and have been surprised at how fast we seem to be edging nearer to our goal.”

For more information on Sly Kly playing cards, visit the Kickstarter campaign page here –

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