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Business App For Android & Ios |Communication | Kookdokoo

Business App For Android & Ios |Communication | Kookdokoo

Introducing A New Business Communication App for Android and Apple Devices – Kookdokoo

Business CommunicationWe, Serpent Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, are delighted to introduce a fresh new business app “Kookdokoo” for you and your customers alike. Mobile applications have greatly impacted our lives, making it easier and more accessible to the world of internet. Previously being created just as a medium to stay in touch with our loved ones, we have adopted the same concept to create a platform that will help business owners find their potential customers and expand their business outreach. The app is available for both Android and Apple based devices.

Kookdokoo is a business communication app that lets you communicate easily with your customers and merchants compared to other apps. As this application is created keeping a business point of view in mind, we have carefully paid attention to every minute details that might affect your business sales. With its wide range of functionality, Kookdokoo is designed to provide the highest communication value to suit your needs. Notable features of this app are unlimited groups, unlimited members, unlimited photo sharing, one click broadcast, conversation archives and auto-create groups.

Business Communication

In this app, you get total control over communication app with various vendors and customers without losing even the smallest piece of information, overcome communication gap and avoid misunderstandings, and keeps your customers connected constantly with you through a systemic notification panel. On the other side, using other messaging app to market your products and images might result in the loss of crucial messages which might lead to customer frustration. That is because other instant messaging apps are not designed to fulfil the business solutions.

The app lets you create unlimited groups that might be industry or product-specific, and you can add as many people as you want. You can also set predefined criteria which automatically creates a new group to broadcast more targeted messages. There is no limitation to information sharing and you can send unlimited number of photos, so to give a complete idea of your product or service to your customers and vendors. Moreover, you get to choose who can receive your updates by controlling the customers’ requests.

Kookdokoo allows you to share product details and other information in a click and instantly notifies your customers about any updates and loyalty programs released out by your company. Business conversation being one of the important aspects of any business, you can easily archive important communication threads for the future reference. Everything you get to do through an incredibly easy admin panel so that you don’t have to deal with any kind of complications or pay a tech-savvy individual to manage the app, while you can focus on your business growth.

Business CommunicationKookdokoo business app currently caters to various industries, including fashion, art galleries, restaurants, retail businesses and insurance providers. If you are willing to integrate this application in your business, you can start with 14-day trial plan and figure out how your sales is performing. Once you are fully convinced to go for a full version, the app costs just 499 INR/month, which also comes with a 14-day money back guarantee in case you change your mind. If you want some features to be customized according to your needs, we are at your disposal.

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