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C. Evenfall Announces Completion of The Wraith of Carter’s Mill Series

C. Evenfall Announces Completion of The Wraith of Carter’s Mill Series

Louisville, KY – Author C. Evenfall’s paranormal novella series has officially been completed by the author. The last manuscript in The Wraith of Carter’s Mill series and of the same name is in the hands of the publishing staff at Books, Authors and Artists.

The Wraith of Carter’s Mill is a paranormal series of four novellas, following five generations of the Carter women. Their family having been cursed by a dark, otherworldly being, they each must fight for their lives as the curse catches up to them.

Where the first three novellas dealt with the effects of the curse on today’s Carter women, the fourth and final installment explores the origins of the curse.

C. Evenfall, the author of the series, says, “It’s been almost a year since I started this paranormal story, and while we still have a bit of work to do, we are closing in on the release day! I am looking forward to announcing very soon the release of the book. The cover is posted on my Facebook page.”

The series started with Sensitives, The Guardians, and The Forgotten, and comes to a haunting conclusion in the fourth novella, entitled The Wraith of Carter’s Mill. The Forgotten, along with the first two novellas of the series, was published as a Kindle ebook only. The last novella will be published first in the paperback, as part of an anthology comprising all four novellas, and later as a Kindle ebook.

Sensitives, The Guardians, and The Forgotten are available to buy as a Kindle ebooks on Amazon. You can find out more about the author on the BAA website

About C. Evenfall

C. Evenfall grew up in a small fishing village in Eastern North Carolina. The area was rich with history, ghost stories and unexplained phenomenon; all fodder for the vivid imaginings of a young girl. She began “collecting” stories at a young age.

She now resides on the Carolina Coast with her husband, a self-proclaimed skeptic. She loves him anyway and the two complement each other perfectly.

For more information, please visit C. Evenfall’s Facebook page:

About Books, Authors, and Artists

Books, Authors and Artists is the publishing division of internet marketing KY, LLC. It specializes in book publication of selected authors, new and previously published, whose works carry a message in an entertaining way and with captivating style. Visual artists who participate by creating graphics, covers, and artwork are featured.

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