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C-Section Recovery Center for Relief from Acute and Chronic C-Section Pains

C-Section Recovery Center for Relief from Acute and Chronic C-Section Pains

PLANO, TEXAS – C-Sections are something that many women don’t prefer and doctors do not encourage until and unless there is a complication during pregnancy. But still there is thousands of women who have to undergo this procedure for the sake of their motherhood. Most women still experience chronic pains in the area where they have been operated. While some cannot perform normal activities such as exercises, others cannot get up from bed. Many of them still have overlapping bellies even after years of operation despite following a healthy lifestyle. Women who have undergone c-section experience a burning pain across the incision and the pain seems to be still fresh even after 2 or 3 years of operation.

At C-Section Recovery Center, women with these problems can find a perfect solution. C-sections can be very traumatic and usually come with long term consequences. Here at this center, c-section recovery is conducted via therapies for women who have both acute and chronic pain either immediately after surgery or several weeks after surgery. “Ours is the first and only massage therapy program developed specifically to address c-section trauma”, says John James LMT. “Our proprietary approach will free you from discomfort by addressing the actual issues: adhesions, myofascial pain, nerve entrapment and lymphedema caused by surgery”, adds John.

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About http://csectionrecoverycenter.com/

C-Section Recovery Center, http://csectionrecoverycenter.com/ based at Plano, Texas is a center that offers therapies for women who have undergone c-section and are experienced chronic pain even after years of getting operated.

John James – Owner, C-Section Recovery Center
Address: 3400 Silverstone Parkway, Suite 119, Plano, Texas 75023
Phone: 972-612-3399
Email: Info@csectionrecoverycenter.com
Website: http://csectionrecoverycenter.com/

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