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California Auto Fraud Lawyers File Lawsuits to Combat Car Dealership Fraud

California Auto Fraud Lawyers File Lawsuits to Combat Car Dealership Fraud


Los Angeles, California – Buying a new vehicle can be a stressful experience. When dealing with a car dealership, many potential issues may arise. Car buyers often fall victim to auto scams, paying more than the advertised price, buying cars that have been in prior accidents, or paying very high interest rates for financing. However, there are auto fraud lawyers available to help car buyers and prevent buyers from becoming victims of auto fraud.

How to Identify Dealership Fraud

Some car dealerships use deceptive methods to scam their customers into paying more for a vehicle than it is worth. As a law firm, Consumer Action Law Group share some of the most common illegal practices and dealership fraud tactics that can lead to an auto fraud case:

1. Selling vehicles over the advertised price . Typically, dealers advertise certain ‘specials’ through newspapers or on the internet to attract the attention of interested customers. Once a buyer comes to the dealership and speaks with a dealer the price quickly raises, leaving the client wondering what happened. When a dealer sells a car for more than the advertised price it is fraud and is grounds for a lawsuit.

2. Hiding prior accidents . Anytime a buyer shows interest in a used vehicle, there is a risk of used car fraud. Used car dealers often take advantage of a buyer’s ignorance by selling a car that has been involved in accidents in the past. It is not illegal for a dealer to sell a vehicle that has been in an accident, but it is illegal to not inform potential buyers of the vehicle’s history. So if your car was in a prior accident and your dealer didn’t tell you, it is grounds for a lawsuit.

3. Hiding defective engine problems . Although there is never a 100 percent guarantee that a vehicle will run smoothly once it is driven off of the car lot, it is the dealership’s responsibility to disclose any known engine problems. If the transmission or engine has serious problems, dealerships are required by law to notify interested parties, the buyer. So if your car was defective when you bought it and your dealer didn’t tell you, it is grounds for a lawsuit.

How to Deal with Auto Fraud

Individuals should discuss their case with our auto fraud lawyers and see whether there are valid causes for cancellation of the contract, refund of all down payments, monthly payments, and any other expenses. Car buyers can be compensated for any fraud they may have experienced with their recent car purchase. Auto fraud lawyers assist clients by doing extensive research on their claim and filing a lawsuit to take corrective action.

It is best for auto fraud victims to hire an experienced team of auto fraud lawyers to help them win their case and get their money back instead of trying to take on the dealership alone. If a dealer is not willing to take corrective action, a lawyer can usually turn the tables and force a better outcome through legal action.

Auto fraud is a common occurrence throughout the country and in California. To regain purchasing power and undo the harm caused by a deceptive dealer it is vital to hire an auto fraud lawyer to file a claim the right way and to ensure the maximum compensation. Consumer Action Law Group auto fraud lawyers will defend you from auto fraud and help you cancel the contract, get your money back, get a new car, or get reimbursement for your expenses (fixing the car). For more information about auto fraud and how to file a claim visit

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