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Call Power Speed: Save Electricity, Receive CoC and Much More

Call Power Speed: Save Electricity, Receive CoC and Much More

Power Speed Electrical -a store for selling energy-conserving electric appliances, carrying out electricity-related installations and doing Compliance Reviews. They also provide the best electrical contracOne look at its site and you see the claim outlined in bold black letters: Since 2006 we have promoted the safe and conservative use of electricity in the community. Before we begin to take an overview of this company and what it does, let us take a look at what electricity conservation means and why it is so necessary:

Over-consumption and wastage of electricity is one of the foremost problems plaguing the world today. The generation of electricity requires use of fuel, namely coal and natural gas. The combustion of both of these harms the environment in a grave way—the CO2 that fuel burning emits, accumulate in the environment, and there is a serious dearth of greenery to absorb it and convert it to oxygen. What is needed under these circumstances is—Energy Conservation. Conservative use of energy and electricity, gadgets that reduce fuel costs and which prevent waste of electricity—as promised and provided by Power Speed Electrical. It has been certified by the Department of Labour for its ethical labour practises, and is known to adhere to strict safety regulations as specified by the Regulatory Board. They also provide the best electrical contractors Pretoria.

It employs licensed technicians who work on a 24×7 basis, and are fully available at all times for emergency calls. It also does review operations for your home, establishment or office and issues a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) which testifies your property’s electric installations and electricity-related practises adhere to the ‘South African Nation Standards 10142-1’ rules and regulations. It sells pool pumps for cleaning out swimming pools, installs generators and other appliances and deals with earth leakage problems, apart from doing technical repairs.

About Power Speed Electrical:
This electrical services Pretoria company was set up in 2006 with the objective of conservative electricity consumption. Among its services are: doing technical repairs, installing generators, power strips and similar things. Its fame as a Labour Regulations compliant and ethical-practises establishment has helped to earn widespread support. Their foremost aim, apart from electricity conservation, is client satisfaction. Visit for further information.

96 Oxford Road
Tel: 0117915564

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