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Camille Paldi Makes a Call to Western Executive Women in Struggle Against Violence Against Women

Camille Paldi Makes a Call to Western Executive Women in Struggle Against Violence Against Women

Camille Paldi Takes A Stand Against Violence Against Women.

Dubai, UAE, January 31, 2015 — American Islamic Finance Expert, Lawyer, and FAAIF CEO calls on American, British, Australian, and Western executive women to invite her to give an Islamic finance presentation and/or training session and stand in solidarity with her against the Violence being perpetrated against her by men for being an emerging huge female success in the Islamic finance industry. Paldi says that there are hundreds if not thousands of male police and security agents around the world trying to depict her as a crazy and wild woman without boundaries who needs to be tightly controlled and monitored 24 hours a day. Paldi says this extreme harassment is actually violence against women being perpetrated through abuse of the police power, which originated from UK, American, and Australian men. These Western men then recruited males from Eastern and Muslims nations to gang up on Paldi and created a situation where hundreds of men constantly watch, harass, monitor, and bully her while at the same time telling everyone everywhere Paldi travels that she is an extremely dangerous threat and crazy and violent female while flashing her personal photograph to strangers. These men have been doing this to Paldi for over one year and a half on a daily basis wherever Paldi travels in the world in an attempt to thwart her new business FAAIF, the Franco-American Alliance for Islamic Finance. Paldi is tired of scores of people using her to create some kind of situation to use as a scapegoat for the happenings in the media in order to collect their paychecks. She says the US government has thus far wasted millions of US tax dollars in paying hundreds if not thousands of people to follow her on airplanes, hotels, conferences and events, and for free vacations around the world. Not only do these people harassing her get free fully paid vacations to every destination she travels, the government is also giving them paychecks to illegally harass her for apparently no other reason than Paldi is Muslim and covers her hair, which is the constitutional right of every US citizen. Paldi further adds that the US government keeps claiming that she is actually not an American because of her appearance and that it is impossible for her to run her own business as a woman. Paldi says these people are committing the crimes of profiling, racism, gender discrimination, and extreme harassment and violence against women and rejects militarization of police and security agencies in the United States as this is a clear example of the result. Violence against women and wastage of tax dollars.

In reality, Camille Paldi is a well-educated, multi-lingual, and cultured American woman having qualified as a lawyer in four countries including Australia and the UK and earning seven University degrees from universities spanning five continents. Paldi is published worldwide on the topic of Islamic Banking and Finance and regularly gives presentations on the topic at industry conferences and forums in countries around the globe. Paldi has also completed the highly technical and difficult MA in Islamic finance from Durham University in the UK, which is currently the number one program in the world for Islamic Banking and the number one banking school in the UK. Paldi is shocked at this blatant abuse of police power, brutality, and bullying and equally shocked that everyone around her either just stands by or joins in like zombies without a thought of their own. In addition, Paldi notes that the police are equally harassing the citizens around her as they are using her as an instrument to spread and generate fear of Muslims to the surrounding people wherever Paldi travels. Paldi says that this is also inflicting a source of emotional stress and trauma on the innocent by-standing civilian population and that the police are equally liable for this police misconduct as they are for mistreating Paldi for over 1.5 years on a daily basis with apparently no end in sight.

Paldi calls on the civilized world including her colleagues, males and females, Eastern and Western, Muslim and Non-Muslim to stop participating in this charade of global police misconduct and brutality where actually Paldi and all of the people surrounding her are the victims of this mass creation of fear and the forcing of everyone around her to gang up on her in a massive effort to suppress her and “contain the Muslim threat.’’ Paldi says that it would be better for the police and security agencies to back off now as everyone is aware of their illegal, violent, and unethical tactics and asserts that she is a success with or without them. Paldi clarifies that she has not broken a single law or committed any crime and that this police behavior is completely illegal and constitutes police misconduct. Camille Paldi is an emerging American Islamic finance superstar famous around the world. Paldi can be reached at camille@faaif.com.

FAAIF Limited is a legal and management consultancy firm servicing clients in Islamic banking, finance, and takaful. FAAIF Events is an events production and management company http://www.faaif.com.

Camille Paldi, CEO
FAAIF Limited
Dubai, UAE
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