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Cancer Treatment and Management

Cancer Treatment and Management

Cancer has more than 100 forms and is, perhaps, the most dreaded diagnosis today. So insidious is this disease that the word is used in everyday parlance to refer to “an evil or destructive practice or phenomenon that is hard to contain or eradicate”.

What is cancer?

Cancer is the out-of-control multiplication of abnormal cells that results in malignancy in the affected organ. Some are fortunate to receive a diagnosis and treatment in the early stages of this disease. Some others hardly present with any symptoms of the cancer till the late stages.

At MIOT International we have a dedicated facility to treat cancer – MIOT Institute of Cancer Cure is one of our Centres of Excellence where all forms of cancer are treated by highly-trained and experienced specialists using the latest technology and advances in medicine. In each and every case, MIOT employs the best minds in order to obtain definitive diagnoses and offer effective treatment.

Treatment modalities

There are three primary treatment modalities to cancer: chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. A multidisciplinary approach to treating cancer is at the root of our Tumour Board, comprised of oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, reconstructive surgeons and other specialists.  The Tumour Board meets thrice a week to discuss the detailed diagnostic information about each case, which is discussed in depth, and to chart out the most effective treatment plan for each patient according to his/her particular needs. Also on this Tumour Board are our specialists from the MIOT Institute of Haematology, Haemato-oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant to treat patients with blood and germ-cell cancers. These specialists are supported by a dedicated team of nurses, nutritionists and counsellors, who help patients complete their treatment as planned.

Medical Oncology – We treat cancer patients with chemotherapy to supplement the benefits of surgery and/or radiotherapy. This helps to improve the quality of life and prolong survival in the case of blood-related cancers such as lymphomas, leukaemia and germ-cell tumours. The latest drugs in the right combinations are used; these drugs are prepared under an infection-free laminar hood to maintain their effectiveness.

Surgical Oncology – Onco-surgery is the treatment modality that gives patients the highest cure-rates for cancer. Besides surgery to remove malignant tumours, onco-surgeons also perform diagnostic procedures like biopsies, endoscopies, placement of drug-delivery devices, etc.

Radiation Oncology deals with radiotherapy to treat cancers, either by itself or in addition to medical and surgical oncology. This depends on the type of cancer and its location in the body.

MIOT International is the first hospital in the Asia-Pacific region to commission the latest armoury in fighting cancer – TrueBeam STx. This revolutionary radiotherapy instrument is four times faster than regular radiotherapy.

We also offer all types of internal (brachytherapy) and external beam radiation for the treatment of cancers. The three types of external beam radiation therapy are: Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment (IMRT); Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy(SRS/SRT) and Stereotactic Body Radiation Treatment (SBRT).

Definite diagnosis

In truth, treatment for cancer begins in the laboratory itself. MIOT International’s 24-hour lab is spread over 6000 sq. ft. and ranked 8th in the world. Expert technologists, high level of automation and exacting quality control protocols enable the study of cancer tissues at a molecular level and ensure that diagnosis is accurate. This helps the oncologist in planning treatment that will afford optimum benefits for the patient.

  • MICC is equipped with the sophisticated dual-head gamma camera with its advanced workstation and the 64-slice PET CT, which give our specialists detailed information about the physiology and pathophysiology of various organ systems in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Our state-of-the-art digital mammography is non-invasive and comfortable and picks up tumours even before they can be felt. This enables early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.
  • Sophisticated facilities for detecting gastrointestinal and liver cancers include endoscopy, minimally-invasive biopsies and more.

Our aim at the MIOT Institute for Cancer Cure is to detect and beat the cancer as fast and as painlessly as possible. In the unfortunate event of end-stage cancer, we offer palliative care to keep our patients comfortable with the support of our expert and empathetic staff.

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