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Car Buyers Phillip and Deven Fry Warn Others Against Prestige Auto Mall of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Car Buyers Phillip and Deven Fry Warn Others Against Prestige Auto Mall of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Phillip and Deven Fry caution other prospective car buyers not to do business with Unsurpassed Holdings, LLC, dba Prestige Auto Mall of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, because the Frys are the victims of a consumer fraud perpetrated by the dealership against them in their purchase of a 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle.

Montrose, MI, July 05, 2015 — When Phillip Fry and Deven Fry on March 30, 2015, purchased a 2010 Volkswagen New Beetle, from Unsurpassed Holdings, LLC, dba Prestige Auto Mall, 1559 State Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, the dealership and its salesman falsely represented to buyers that the vehicle had been in a minor fender bender requiring only an already-repaired small amount of body damage repair.

In reality the vehicle had suffered substantial, hidden, and unrepaired accident damage to its radiator, adjacent radiator parts, all of its air conditioning equipment and system, engine and vehicle support brackets, and much more, which are estimated by an authorized Volkswagen dealer to require more than $5,000 to repair properly.

That repair amount is very large compared to the total purchase price of $10,640. Because the Frys had signed an acknowledgement that the vehicle had been in an accident, and despite the fact that the vehicle was advertised to have a six month warranty, the dealership for three months refused to pay for any repairs.

During this time the Frys have been unable to drive the vehicle, which is the possession of a Grand Blanc, Michigan, Volkswagen dealer, while the Frys continue to make promptly-paid monthly payments to Ally Financial, the lender for the Frys’ purchase, for a vehicle they cannot use. Despite a detailed letter dated June 6, 2015, from the Frys to Ally, that bank has done nothing to help the Frys solve this problem.

In late June, Prestige’s service manager “Arthur K” finally sent an email to the Volkswagen dealer that authorized the Volkswagen dealer to do approximately $1875 of repairs. Prestige also faxed a letter signed by a dealership official authorizing the repairs.

In reliance on those approved repairs, the Volkswagen dealership did the Prestige-authorized repairs, but Prestige has failed to pay the $1875 to the Volkswagen dealer despite frequent emails and phone calls asking for payment.

The Volkswagen dealership will not release the partially-repaired vehicle to the Frys until Prestige pays what it has authorized to pay.

Because the weather was cold on the purchase date, the Frys did not notice that the air conditioning system did NOT work. A few days after the Frys drove the VW in a 5 hour one-way trip from Prestige’s location to their home in Michigan, the weather turned warmer, and the Frys discovered that the air conditioning only blew out warm air.

When the Frys contacted the dealer, the dealer’s service department said the problem was probably a lack of coolant refrigerant. The Frys then drove the VW five hours one way back to Cuyahoga Falls, arrived early in the day, and waited all day for the coolant replacement. That day was also cool, resulting in the Frys’ not knowing that the coolant replacement did not actually fix the air conditioning problem.

Then the Frys drove the VW again five hours back to Prestige dealership, at which time, after another all day wait for the repairs to be done (that repair being the replacement a defective part with a non-genuine Volkswagen air conditioning part). Again the weather was cool, in fact, very cold. When the Frys experienced their next warm day in Michigan, they discovered again that the air conditioning still was not working.

When the Frys insisted on taking the VW to a Michigan VW dealer for proper diagnosis and repair of the air conditioning problem, the dealer’s service manager Arthur K. said that the Frys would have to first get an estimate. The Frys took the VW to the authorized VW service dealer Serra Volkswagen of Grand Blanc, Michigan.

The Serra service department discovered that there was significant, unrepaired internal damage to the VW from an accident, requiring the following parts: (1) T4 connector at compressor; (2) replacement of leaking air con seals at compressor; (3) replacement of leaking radiator; and (4) replacement of cooling fan housing. These Serra repair findings took several hours of diagnostic work in the Serra service department, for which the Frys are obligated to pay $300 for the diagnosis. The repair bid from Serra totalled $2,085.62.

After Prestige authorized the payment of $1,875 to Serra, the Volkswagen dealership proceeded to repair the vehicle, but it then (after further disassembly) found several thousand dollars more of damage to the vehicle.

Despite the consumer fraud perpetrated by Prestige against the Frys, and despite the existence of a six month warranty, Prestige disclaims responsibility for repairing these extensive repairs on the excuse that the Frys’ had acknowledged that the vehicle had been in an accident.

Thus, Unsurpassed Holdings, LLC, dba Prestige Auto Mall won’t take care of the true extent of Frys’ loss resulting from Prestige’s material misrepresentation of fact that the accident was only a minor fender bender, and the dealership has not even paid the $1,875 that it promised to the Prestige-authorized and now completed repairs by Serra Volkswagen.

If prospective car buyers want more details about Prestige’s material misrepresentation of fact described above, they can phone Phillip Fry 810-639-0523 or Phillip’s cell phone 480-310-7970, or email, or contact the Frys through their website

Phillip Fry
EnviroFry Upkeep Masters, LLC
10104 Sheridan Rd.,
Montrose, MI 48457
Phone: 810-639-0523
Cell 480-310-7970

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