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Cashmere Socks And Other Luxuries

Cashmere Socks And Other Luxuries

There is something very rewarding about wearing luxury cashmere socks; not only are they very warm and soft, but they evoke a feeling of complete indulgence when you put them on.  UK sock manufacturer, Corgi Hosiery fully understands this sentiment and offers a wide range of patterns and colours for both men’s cashmere socks and women’s socks at .  At a time of year when purchasing gifts is high on our agendas, it is definitely worth considering these as an option.

Of course, socks are a very necessary part of our every-day wardrobe, so it is well worth taking a look at other styles, colours and materials available for men, women and children.  Wool socks are ideal for cooler days, whilst cotton socks in exciting colours and patterns are perfect for warmer weather, when it’s not quite warm enough to discard hosiery in favour of sandals.

Socks are not the only items of clothing produced in their Welsh factory by Corgi Hosiery, however.  Knowing the popular appeal of cashmere, they also produce a wide range of other items, such as the cashmere poncho pictured below.

One of the attractions of cashmere ponchos, sweaters or tunics is that, because they epitomise both comfort and luxury, they can be worn for all kinds of occasions, from the casual look with jeans, to the smart social occasion.

Weddings, for instance, especially in the cooler months, can involve much heart-searching about what to wear.  We want to look smart for those outdoor photos, but also want to be cool when it comes to the dancing later in the day.  A cashmere wrap fits the bill perfectly – the soft lines when it is draped around the shoulders enhance the dress underneath, whilst it is simplicity itself to remove whenever necessary.

Cashmere has an appeal all of its own and, to me, is a perfect luxury gift (or personal indulgence!)  There can’t be many fabrics that make you want to stroke them, but this is certainly the case with cashmere.  On second thoughts, perhaps you won’t bother removing the wrap at that wedding – just enjoy snuggling up to it instead!

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