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Cellumis Review – Company Reveals Secret Ingredients Of Cellumis

Cellumis Review – Company Reveals Secret Ingredients Of Cellumis

Miami, Florida; 20, November 2015: The company behind Cellumis skincare brand held a press conference yesterday to discuss the natural and secret ingredients of their skincare solution. The regular consumers, press people and the potential consumers as well attended the said occasion. “Our product is working well, because it contains the best natural ingredients. Due to its composition, there have been a lot of published Cellumis review posts on the web at present,” spoke Ms. Laura Emerson, spokesperson.

According to Ms. Emerson, their skincare solution contains these secret ingredients.

* DuPont Glypure
* Regu-Age
* Syn-Coll

These ingredients, the spokesperson further disclosed, are derived from the natural sources. “Basically, the components of Cellumis are coming from the natural yet working herbs and plants,” she said.

Each of the cited ingredients works well to revitalize skin health. The overall facial complexion will be rejuvenated, as long as this product is used daily or religiously.

The focus of this product is to remedy various skin issues, such as wrinkles, fine lines, eye puffiness, and dark circles. Then, it works without side effects, since the composition itself is natural.

Meanwhile, there is one Cellumis review stated this way: “This skincare brand truly works to rejuvenate my skin the natural way. Good news for me! I redeemed my self-confidence as the deep wrinkles and fine lines were all gone from my face.” She is Christine Ellison, 47 years old.

Cellumis skincare brand is available online via an official website only. This particular skincare solution is not available somewhere else. This is only purchasable online, and its risk-free trial offer can also be availed of through the Internet, according to Ms. Emerson.

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For Media Contact:
Company: Skincare cures
Address: 1943 Renwick Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 1-509-474-1080

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