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CERC Oil Tank Removal Offers Winter Savings

CERC Oil Tank Removal Offers Winter Savings

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – CERC Oil Tank Removal is now offering customers additional savings on oil tank removal services this winter. The company already provides affordable prices for oil tank removal and customers can now take advantage of additional winter savings.

CERC Oil Tank Removal is able to provide a full range of oil tank services. The process begins with an assessment of the commercial or residential property. Following the assessment, the company’s experienced and professional team of experts will create a plan for removal. Existing tanks are excavated and safely removed in accordance with local and environmental laws.

CERC Oil Tank Removal goes the extra mile providing customers the additional benefit of oil tank disposal. The company stores and disposes of the oil tank and provides customers with a Decommissioning Certificate. This comes in handy if the customer decides to sell the house in the future. Customers interested in learning more about the services provided by CERC Oil Tank Removal can visit the company website at http://cerctankremoval.ca/oil-tank-removal-related-services/ . Customers in the North Vancouver area can go directly to http://www.cerctankremovalca/about-cerc-oil-tank-removal

About CERC Oil Tank Removal:

CERC Oil Tank Removal, a fully insured, bonded and licensed oil tank removal company, has been doing business for more than two decades. Well known and well respected, the company serves customers in the Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas of British Columbia and specializes in commercial and residential oil tank removal services. The company maintains a strong commitment to customer satisfaction while providing safe and efficient oil tank removal. CERC Oil Tank Removal sets high standards and is fully compliant with all environmental laws and regulations. Customers look for safe and affordable oil tank removal should call CERC Oil Tank Removal for a list of services provided.

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CERC Oil Tank Removal
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North Vancouver, British Columbia V7N 2S1

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