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CGO Legal Counseling: Valuable Immigration Solutions

CGO Legal Counseling: Valuable Immigration Solutions

Are you looking for committed legal support and valuable legal advice for immigration issues? Do want legal solutions that will provide the right kind of guidance when it comes to Immigration Laws of Poland? If your answer is yes then all you need is CGO Legal Counseling. CGO Legal Counseling is a Polish law firm that offers a wide range of legal services to foreign corporate and individual clients. They help their clients in all the matters concerning Polish law.

A prominent service offered by this firm is immigration-related service.  The experienced and well qualified lawyers of the immigration department of CGO Counseling handle all the cases in a professional manner. They take care of a wide scope when dealing with a case, paying attention to minute details.

Some of their Immigration services:

The area of service offered by the CGO counselling team concerning immigration is broad. The three main categories can be divided into three parts. They are- Residence, employment and citizenship.


If you are interested in the legalisation of your stay in Polish territory, CGO is the firm that can help you with the process. They will analyse all the aspects of your case and will suggest you the appropriate way to apply for residence permit.  Through proper documentation and representation in front of the Polish government and administrative apparatus, they make sure that your stay gets legal status. They assist in getting Temporary, Permanent or European Union long-term residence permit.


If you are a foreigner employed in Poland, CGO Counseling has a wide range of legal services that will support you in matters concerning your employment. They represent both businesses and individuals in different legal matters, helping them to conduct their businesses better under Polish law. Work permit, secondment of employees to Poland, setting up an employment and statement on intention of entrusting work to a foreigner are some of their services in relation to employment.


If you want to acquire citizenship of Poland, all you have to do is contact CGO.  They are renowned team of immigration service lawyers in Poland. Their extensive experience and expertise in handling issues covered by the area of Polish citizenship is immense.

To know more about the Immigration services offered by CGO Counseling, visit their website at-

About the company:

CGO Group was established with an objective to provide legal solutions to foreign clients and individual clients in matters that concern Polish law. They have offices in Lodz and Warsaw. CGO Legal Counseling delivers high quality legal assistance to their clients, suggesting the most suitable way to conduct their activities.

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