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Chambers Heating & A.C. Service Offers Discounts for Spring

Chambers Heating & A.C. Service Offers Discounts for Spring

For nearly 25 years, Chambers Heating & A.C. Service has been a family-run business providing heating and air conditioning services to the North Shore of Massachusetts. The company is now offering spring discounts to customers.

Winters can be extremely harsh in Massachusetts, and this winter was only a reminder of that. With spring just around the corner, Chambers Heating & A.C. Service is offering a number of discounts to customers that cover both heating and A.C. services.

Stephen Chambers, founder of Chambers Heating & A.C., says that he is particularly excited about his company’s first-time customer discount. The discount, $10 per hour off the first bill, is offered to any first-time customer that mentions the company’s website. “We offer promotions and discounts to our current customers and wanted to find a way to show appreciation to our first-time customers as well,” said Chambers. “This discount is a great way to show our appreciation for those customers while providing them with high-quality, professional service.”

The company as seen at also offers customers a senior citizen discount. The senior citizen discount offers customers over the age of 65 a total of 10 percent off their entire bill, with a maximum discount of $500. This discount counts towards any of Chambers Heating & A.C.’s services as seen at , including complete heating and cooling installations.

Along with these discounts, Chambers Heating & A.C. Service offers a referral promotion. For this promotion, a client who makes a referral leading to a job that is paid in full and over $100 will receive a $50 gift card to a number of restaurants including The 99, Longhorn Steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse, P.F. Chang’s, the Cheesecake Factory and more.

The discounts and promotions offered by Chambers Heating & A.C. Service cannot be combined.

About Chambers Heating & A.C. Service: Stephen Chambers, a graduate of The Peterson School and Northeast Institute of Air Conditioning with years of experience in the field, founded Chambers Heating & A.C. Service nearly 25 years ago. The family-run business has gained an excellent reputation from a multitude of satisfied customers and is committed to offering the best heating and A.C maintenance, installation and repair services to the North Shore of Massachusetts.

For More Information:
Stephen Chambers
Chambers Heating & A.C. Service
Boston, Massachusetts
(978) 538-0200

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