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Cheese Shop Secrets: Online Course on How to Buy and Store Cheese

Cheese Shop Secrets: Online Course on How to Buy and Store Cheese

With Gourmet Cheese costing 25 dollars a lb and more, finding a cheese shop you can trust is a challenge. Choosing the best piece among their many types of cheese can be nervewracking. And, how do you know the best way to store cheese at home? Thanks to Dan Strongin of and his new online course: Cheese: How to Buy, Store, Taste, Pair, Serve, and Enjoy, you can learn to with confidence.

Rockville, MD, May 19, 2015 — Dan Strongin proudly announces the publication of his online course Cheese: How to Buy, Store, Taste, Pair, Serve and Enjoy. A past president of the American Cheese Society and a former Chef, veteran of the Ritz Carlton Corporation his online course teaches how to find the right gourmet cheese shop and choose from the many types of cheese. It teaches what to look for and what to avoid. It shares the challenges faced by cheese professionals in trying to provide you with great cheese. It shows how engaging with them can help them help you and ensure you get the best, most delicious piece of cheese, in the best possible condition.

Chef Strongin explains, “As an accomplished Ritz-trained Chef, I thought I knew a lot about cheese. But walking into the American Cheese Society’s Festival of Cheeses for the first time in 1992, I was awe struck. Greeted by thousands of different cheeses of all sizes, shapes, colors and textures, I knew right then there was so much more to learn.”

Cheese: How to Buy, Store, Taste, Pair, Serve, and Enjoy, shares the fruits of this 30-year love affair with cheese. “You will learn all you need to know to make sense of this complex, rich, ever so yummy sometimes unpronounceable world of Cheese, our kindest food: the gift of mothers.”

As Ron, a student put it, ” This relaxed and delightful class includes among the great visual aids and pictures, several charts of how all the cheeses are related. …I can search for many new options that are similar to what I already like.”

The course goes further, addressing the issue of a healthy diet and cheese. It teaches how to do a Cheese Tasting without confusing lingo, and explains why Family Farmers matter.

And, for the more advanced it includes much of the work done by Mr. Strongin while working to nurture the growth of American Artisan and Farmhouse cheese behind the scenes in the 1990’s.

Mr. Strongin explains, “The California Milk Advisory Board has generously granted permission to include valuable resources from when they were my client. Recipes, Food Pairing Suggestions, Cheese Plate and Platter Guidelines including the original version of the ground breaking white paper: The Art of Flavor Development in Cheese.

More than 45 short video lectures supported by well written easy to read ebooks and pdfs. The course will help regular people and cheese lovers alike deepen their knowledge and appreciation of cheese, and all for only $39 with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. For more information go to

About Chef Dan:

I began my work life as a Chef, in private clubs, restaurants, and hotels like the Ritz where I learned about creating delicious food. I pioneered the introduction of Restaurant Quality Food in Supermarkets. Working with the California Milk Advisory Board and The Dairy Business Innovation Center for over a decade and a half, I helped nurture the growth of American Artisan Cheese.

For More Information or to Arrange a Copy for Evaluation Contact Dan at:
Dan Strongin
Phone: 408 512 1086
Instagram: ChefDanCheese
Twitter: learncheese
Facebook Page:

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