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China Company Announces Production & Supply of Technologically Superior Filter Media for Various Industries

China Company Announces Production & Supply of Technologically Superior Filter Media for Various Industries

30, November 2015: Anping County, Hebei Province China, November 29, 2015 – With an advanced resin coating production line, Anping County Jiujiu Filter Equipment Company manufactures the filter media to be used in a variety of industries. The company employs the latest technologies and advanced equipments to help deliver superior quality filtering products for client companies all across the world. With a full-capacity production line, they assure to supply the necessary filter media to their client companies throughout the year.

With a dedicated carbon filter production line, the company has been producing carbon air filter since 2003. Besides years of production experience, they also boast of their advanced testing equipment, allowing them to supply the best quality air filters to their industrial clients. According to the company spokesperson, they can produce more than 1800 kinds of filters, and this gives industries a comprehensive choice to choose a filter for their production needs.

The China Company also supplies activated carbon filter on a regular basis to their clients all around the world. The filter can be used with a fan and which can remove all smells or odors. They produce carbon filters in a variety of sizes that can fit fans of different sizes. With 100% virgin activated carbon, the filter can allow the maximum airflow to keep the air quality fresh. Available with one, three or five year lifespan, one can place OEM orders for filters to be supplied with different configurations and various color choices.

Jiujiu Filter also specializes in the production of the air filter fabric to be used as a filter and fire retardant media in panel air filter and the pleating panel filter. As a leading non woven fabric manufacturer, the company uses a combination of PET fiber and ES fiber to create non-woven fabric of varied thickness. The resulting air filter meets the European filtration classification and thus supplied to US and several European countries.

The spokesperson invites industries to learn more about their filter media and its features by visiting the website

About Anping County Jiujiu Filter Equipment Co., Ld:

Jiujiu Filter, established in 2003, is an advanced enterprise combined with scientific research, production and market. The company is located in the famous hometown of wire mesh in the world- Anping County. The advantages of technology, talent and material helped the company develop rapidly. The company is based on technological development with experienced talents. It focuses on management and quality. Moreover, it improves the service system and increases the market competitiveness. The main products are active carbon filter, dust filter cartridge (dust collector cartridge filters), hydraulic oil filter element, non-standard stainless steel filter element, auto filter media, Metal mesh filter non-woven, carbon filter cloth, preliminary-efficiency filter media, fire retardation filter media etc. The company has designated distributors in more than 20 provincial or municipal areas in China, and the company’s products are exported to North America, UK, France, Germany, Russia and the countries in Southeast Asia.

For Media Contact:
Telephone: 0086-318-7802036, 86-18732823079
Fax: 0086-318-7802055

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