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China Investors Club’s Upcoming Events

China Investors Club’s Upcoming Events

27, April 2016: In March 21, 2016, 4:00PM, china investors club will be hosting an event at the London Capital Club regarding about the latest trend in Chinese financial services. Pre-vetted delegates will be joining the event in the discrete first-class venue, wherein leading business individuals, chinese investors and like-minded professionals will held discrete conversation regarding the progress in business agenda.

The discussion will be attended by speakers from both UK and Chinese financial service community, who is expected to provide their own insight and vision about the trends including the risks and opportunities that are associated with the growing cross-border trade. The M-commerce explained that Rou Graff of MD Digital Jungle (UK) will tackle about the M-Commerce and how it is disrupting the China’s banking sector.

Roy Graff already worked in China since 1997, and now currently helping the international brand to access the Chinese consumer markets. In the convention, Roy will share about his experience about his experiences regarding the latest facts and trend exiting in the market today to create a compelling and progressive vision for the future.

The discussion will also focus on the next steps and undertakings of China to internationalize the Renminbi (Rmb), whilst, the intricacies regarding the future of UK financial services and its role to One Bridge Road Policy in China. Since M-commerce is also considered as one of the disruptor of the traditional banking, it is expected to criticize the M-Commerce activity and how will it affect the UK market.

About China Investor Club

China Investor Club offers a place where the tradition and business of China and London unifies. The company provides a tailored solutions for those city firms that are seeking for fast access to the in-bound Chinese investors. The club membership provides access to Chinese business leaders, marketers, entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals who are seeking to invest into real estate, operating business and culture. China Investor Club is where opportunities and introduction to professional environment are built in with knowledge and mutual respect.

All the news, trends and information about the latest UK and Chinese market are also kept up to date at China Investor Club, including some of the important discussions and conventions regarding about finance, real estate, media, technology, manufacturing, professional service and healthcare.

For Media Contact:
Company name: China Investor Club
Address: Suite 13, 123 Park Street
London SEI 9ES

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