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China Quality Marine Anchor and Anchor Chain Supplier

China Quality Marine Anchor and Anchor Chain Supplier

The anchors are normally to be housed in hawse pipes and anchor pockets of adequate size, scantlings and suitable form to prevent movement of anchor and chain due to wave action. Other suitable arrangements for housing of anchors may be considered.

Anchor Type:
Stockless Anchor: JIS Stockless Anchor, Hall Anchor, SPEK Anchor.
High Holding Power Anchor: AC-14 HHP Anchor, Pool TW Anchor, Pool N Anchor,
Offshore Anchor: Delta Flipper Anchor , Danforth HHP Anchor
Drag Anchor: MK3 Anchor, MK5 Anchor, MK6 Anchor

Marine Stockless Anchor is one type traditional anchor of marine anchor, widely used for shipbuilding, ship repare in cargo vessel, container vessel, oil tanker, bulk carrier, yacht, VLCC and etc. Jinbo Marine, China quality marine supplier, would provide you high quality anchor with classification society certificate.

Stockless Anchor connect with anchors for mooring, when we talk about the anchor chain, anchor chain is better than synthetic ropes and wire ropes on Breaking Load, but the shortcoming is heavier for chains.

For the anchor chain, there are Grade 2 and grade 3, size from 12.5mm to 162mm, the size selection is based on equipment numbers. For mooring chain, we can supply R3,R3S, R4 grade chain, size from 76mm to 120mm.

ABS, LR, BV, GLDNV, NK, KR, IRS, CCS can be provided.

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