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China Won’t Manipulate Yuan for Trading Advantage

China Won’t Manipulate Yuan for Trading Advantage

China won’t manipulate the Yuan in an attempt to seek an exchange surplus as business sector determined rates and adjusted universal exchange are to the nation’s advantage.

London, England, May 24, 2016 — A week ago the US Branch of the Treasury included China on its “Monitored list” in a 6 monthly report to the Congress, as China runs “a large reciprocal exchange surplus with the US” and “a record overflow.”

The Treasury said it will screen and analyse the financial patterns and forex arrangements of the monitored nations to ensure they don’t seek approaches that give them an unfair upper hand.

Chinese big wigs have promised that they, the world’s leading manufacturer, will never attempt to boost trade by devaluing the yuan.

“We think this a smart announcement from the People’s Republic, of China”says Richard Sharpe, Co-Head of Global Mergers & Acquisitions at Acom Tokyo Securities. “It shows a commitment to outside world that China is not going to play with the yuan for nefarious gains”

China’s tremendous trade surplus is an after-effect of growing external interest on account of economic recovery in the US and some European nations.
The increases were also brought about by the dwindling cost, not volume, of China’s imports, mostly due to weaker commodity costs.

The volume of China’s unrefined petroleum and iron metal imports expanded 8.8 % and 2.2% in 2015, while their costs dropped 40% and 39%.
Developed nations’ export regulations on costly items headed for China added to their exchange shortfalls.

China is attempting to help imports in a bid to adjust its international trade as a large surplus and the subsequent ascent in forex may hurt the national bank’s adaptability when formulating financial policy.

China is executing changes to rebalance its economy to rely more on family consumption, which will heighten domestic interest for top of the line merchandise from other nations.

A week ago the Political Agency of the Communist Party of China (CPC) (Focal Advisory group) concurred at a meeting that the administration ought to keep the yuan’s exchange rates “grounded.”

China’s financial policy does not support significant devaluation of the yuan and supports its stability.

A steady currency serves the interest of both China and its international trading associates. China won’t manipulate it.
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Haruki Kasumi
Acom Tokyo Securities Ltd
Tokyo, Japan


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