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Choupette Has Paid a Visit to the Elatom Orphanage

Choupette Has Paid a Visit to the Elatom Orphanage

11, January 2017: Choupette has paid a visit to the Elatom orphanage. It has already become a tradition for the company to visit children, who have been left without parents’ care because of the developmental delays. The major mission of the visit was the desire to congratulate the kids on the New Year and Christmas holidays and give them valuable and useful presents, including clothes, toys, sweets, new furniture and, of course, great mood and unforgettable impressions! The visit was very emotional and memorable both for the representatives of the company and the kids.

Choupette is a popular and reputable store of children’s clothes. The brand offers designer and everyday attires for kids, the age of which ranges between 0 and 8 years old. They also sell school uniform for children under 14 years old. This is what the managers of the shop tell about it: “Clothes for children offered by Choupette feature comfort, beauty and love for kids. Wearing them, children look stylish and taken care of. The clothes and accessories we sell are manufactured in the best traditions of the French kids fashion!”

As of today, the store has a rich assortment of clothes and accessories that are manufactured with regard to the needs and preferences of children and their parents. The catalogue of the store includes a variety of categories, such as baby nests, blankets, christening sets, designer clothes for kids of different age groups, new basic line, festive attires, school uniforms, sports and everyday clothes, school and kids shoes, outer garments, linen, socks and panty tights, scarves, gloves, mittens, hats, bed linen, baby shoes, kids furniture and accessories and even clothes for pregnant women.

Choupette experts underline that “manufacturing clothes for children is a serious responsibility”. That is why, they offer only high quality and certified products. All the clothes the shop offers for sale are manufactured of natural hypoallergic European materials. Apart from that, each attire comes with unique exquisite design. Seasonal collections are regularly updated, which is another benefit the store offers. The prices are affordable as well, making the premium quality attires available to everyone.

For more information, please, feel free to visit http://my-choupette.ru/

About the Company:

Choupette is a well-known store, which sees its mission in selling high quality and certified clothes, furnishings and accessories for children, whose age ranges between 0 and 8 years old. They also sell school uniform for pupils under 14 years old. All attires the store offers for sale are stylish and feature exquisite design. They are manufactured of hypoallergic natural European fabrics. The catalogue of products is quite extensive, while the assortment of clothes, furnishings and accessories can impress everyone. The online store is available 24/7, offering high quality products at affordable cost.

For Media Contact:
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121087 Moscow, Russian Federation
Tel.: (495) 287-08-59 / 8 (800) 333-37-28
E-mail: info@my-choupette.ru
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