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CinemaDrape Productivity App Compatible with Windows 10

CinemaDrape Productivity App Compatible with Windows 10

Oradea, Romania – Aurelify, an innovative out of the box app developer, has confirmed their five-star rated productivity app, CinemaDrape, is compatible with the highly-anticipated Windows 10.

CinemaDrape is a simple yet powerful freeware app for Windows that enables users to concentrate on important parts of their desktop displays by blanking out or dimming unused or less important areas.

Users working with multiple applications and windows, watching streaming video, or visiting websites with distracting ads or side elements can use CinemaDrape to hide unwanted areas of the screen quickly and easily without having to close programs or windows.

One or more focus areas can be selected by the user and CinemaDrape darkens the rest. Several useful options including color and opacity controls give users complete control over the type and amount of dimming effect outside of the focus areas. The blacked out area can be easily restored by either pressing the Esc key or right-clicking the dark area. In addition to improving concentration by limiting distraction, CinemaDrape can reduce eyestrain and fatigue by reducing the amount of screen area the eye is exposed to.

Horatiu Aurelian, the creator of CinemaDrape, had this to say about the app: “There is fierce competition among websites to capture a user’s attention. It can be a real challenge to get to, and focus on the content we need. CinemaDrape makes it easy to select where we want our attention to be and hide all of the ads, play controls, flashing offers, and other distractions that can cause us to waste time. Out of sight, out of mind!”

CinemaDrape Features

– Simple and user friendly interface
– Single or multiple focus areas
– Multiple colors for the darkened area and opacity controls for a translucent display
– Dark screen effect can be activated or removed with simple hotkeys
– Save and load layouts or choose from several different screen modes

Pricing and Availability

CinemaDrape is available now as freeware for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

About Aurelify

Founded in 2009, Aurelify is a free app developer focused on creating tools to help people work smarter and better. Aurelify’s well-received apps have earned praise around the globe and have been featured on Lifehacker, CNET, PC Magazine, PC World, The Washington Post, and several other high profile media outlets.

Press Contact:
Horatiu Aurelian
Aurelify Press Office
Phone: +1-802-287-6033
Address: Aurelify, Ciheiului 70
Oradea, Romania 410600

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