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Cisnet Training Solutions for Real-World Applications

Cisnet Training Solutions for Real-World Applications

Mississauga, CN, September 03, 2015 — Cisnet Traing Solutions has announced the opening of their newest branch today in Scarborough Canada, with an emphasis on offering specialized training for Cisco Routing & Switching, VOIP, Wireless, Security, Microsoft, Comptia, Linux, ITIL and Juniper certifications.

Says Mr. Sam Fareed, President Cisnet, “There is a huge gap between what is learnt theoretically and what is applied practically on the field. Although one must have a thorough understanding of basics, how exactly it is applied for trouble shooting various issues is something of an art. It is this art that we try to teach our students in our world class facility.”

This is no surprise. Most engineers who graduate feel a little lost initially. Given the complications and vital importance that networking plays in an everyday environment, there is no chance to ‘play around’ and learn on the go. What is the need of the hour is competent professionals who can be readily trusted and deployed immediately by companies, who already are feeling the pinch of the slowdown.

“The main motivation from our side was to correct this imbalance. This is only possible by good exposure and training. With a comfortable learning environment, cutting edge training setup, flexible timings and deeply experienced instructors, we seek to empower our students to climb higher.”

To achieve this vision, Cisnet has embarked on an ambitious project of expansion across North America. With a proven track record of success and a dependable team, they intend opening centers in Toronto and Ottawa, later expanding to even New York. The intensive programs are conducted by industry veterans and what is stressed upon is the practical scenarios that evolve and the ways to tackle them hands on.

“We have excellent trainers and instructors and our institute has trained the largest number of CISCO professionals in Canada. With innovative learning tools and absolute involvement, we provide a gateway to successful certification. Our exam preparation assistance is one on one, whilst the learning environment is collaborative. Thus we also help develop and inculcate a sense of team spirit amongst our students, which will serve them in good stead in their future career as well.” continues Mr.Sam.

Cisnet has even undertaken corporate training and some reputed clients include Bell, Rogers, Telus and Scotiabank amongst others. They have reported high levels of satisfaction and stellar performance from the employees who have undergone training. This only underscores the effectiveness of the training process. With a vision to provide quality training at an affordable fee, Cisnet is on the sure path to success.

For more details, Cisnet Training can be contacted at or at 905.281.1313.

Cisnet Training
Mississauga, CN
905 281 1313

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