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Clear Waterproofing Membrane: Revolutionising the future of the design Industry!

Clear Waterproofing Membrane: Revolutionising the future of the design Industry!

Sydney, Australia, 28, April 2016: Creating your dream in home design may have just got easier – imagine using timber in your bathroom or wallpaper on the outside of your house, it’s now possible!


Clear Waterproofing Membrane has and is continuing to push the limits in rules of design. What you had thought was impossible, is now becoming possible. Remedial Membrane is removing product limitations not only to external or wet areas, but multiple areas of design – and better yet, it’s easy enough for you to do yourself!

When Remedial Membranes first hit the market its original use was for remedial rectification of leaking showers and balconies. Now, Clear Waterproofing Membrane is something of 101 uses!

It is an “over the top” waterproofing solution that does not affect the aesthetics of the area. But, due to its high quality, the product now has other uses. Examples, of course, include using unlikely products like wallpaper in wet and exterior areas.

The frustration of finding the perfect pattern, colour, tone or texture for your home just got easier; with two coats of Clear Waterproofing Membrane you’ll be able to use any base product in your home!

What is Clear Waterproofing Membrane?

Developed by a team of industry experts, Clear Waterproofing Membrane offers a simple solution. It’s a two-part clear, hybrid water based, aliphatic polyurethane waterproofing membrane. In other words, it’s a product that can be painted onto any surface that comes into contact with water.

When the product dries and cures, it forms a transparent waterproof membrane. Some users describe it as a paint-on plastic.

Not only is Clear Waterproofing Membrane being noticed for its simple solution, but it’s one of a kind look. The sleek gloss look product is almost impossible to see, providing a transparent finish. It can be applied to almost any colour, style or design surface – it’s that versatile!

Check out our demo video at to see just how it works!

Clear Waterproofing Membrane – it’s purpose

Homeowners are no strangers to spending money on repairs. From leaking roofs to old electrical wiring, ongoing maintenance is endless. One of the common problems faced by homeowners is leaks from wet areas like bathrooms.

The most common found cause of leaks is movement. They often appear in the junctions between the wall and the floor. But, they can also appear from the least likely of places; for example, damaged tile grout, worn waste holes or damaged waterproofing.

The typical way to resolve such problems is to re-grout with epoxy or re-seal. Sadly, neither of those solutions prevent leaks when movement continues. This is where a waterproofing solution is needed.

Similar to waterproofing under tiles, once the Clear Waterproofing Membrane dries it stops water from penetrating anything underneath it. Both tradesmen and homeowners are praising the product. It is not only resilient, but it’s also flexible.

Homeowners are aware that their properties are subject to movement at some point, but are they prepared for when it happens? That’s exactly why Remedial Membranes came up with an innovative way to prevent those issues from occurring.

Protect your home with an application of Clear Waterproofing Membrane. From protecting your floors, to protecting your outdoor furniture you have endless options that will satisfy your needs!

When applied by an approved contractor you receive Four Years Warranty! Don’t miss out – try Clear Waterproofing Membrane in your home before it’s too late!

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Jasmin Aleknavicius
Company: Remedial Membranes
Address: PO Box 160
Dee Why, NSW, 2100, Australia
Phone: +61 (0)2 8012 7216

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