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Cloud-based Business Process Management Solutions Deliver Unequalled Business Value, says Report

Cloud-based Business Process Management Solutions Deliver Unequalled Business Value, says Report announces the addition of a new report, titled “Business Process Management (BPM) Cloud, Mobile, And Patterns: Market Shares, Strategies, And Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 To 2020,” to its expanding database. In today’s business environment, managing and optimizing business processes is critically important for meeting organizational goals. This requires a systematic approach for the workflow to be effective and efficient. Hence, this task is carried out through numerous operational management tools such as business process management (BPM). With cloud computing becoming ubiquitous for on-demand access to shared processing resources, the real business value of cloud-based business process management practices is the subject study of this report.

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In the period from 2014 to 2020, the BPM market is poised to increase from US4.34 bn to US$10 bn, says the report.

Business process management has evolved considerably over the past few years, including all aspects of it, such as software tools, technology processes, and management systems. Amongst these, business process management software is of high business value, as it provides automated solutions to connect people across an organization. Irrespective of this, the goal of BPM is to minimize the prevalence of human errors and miscommunication.

Cloud-based BPM has tangible benefits for organizations: Not only does it free money and efforts for organizations, but it also facilitates strategic process improvement, reductions in technology cost, and better synchronization of IT solutions with the business objectives.

on the cloud is scalable as per the need, which is its major advantage over traditional hierarchical business process management tools. Some of the benefits that cloud-based BPM offers are:

Easy setup

Pay-as-you-use subscription model

Collaborative modeling of high degree

Orchestration of cloud services


Business process management solutions are offered by some of the top IT vendors in the world. Amongst these, IBM is the leader in this space due to some key offerings. Firstly, IBM has invested heavily in integration and analytics technology, which is needed to achieve execution of comprehensive IT systems, which in turn provides support for collaborative systems. The execution of BPM is dependent on a spectrum of process technology frameworks that communicate seamlessly for achieving end point integration. IBM is the sole vendor in the IT industry with the capability to manage a high degree of complexity in IT systems.


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IBM’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) has several valuable offerings as well. It executes cloud systems that connect enterprise boundaries to user end points for customer-centric BPM solutions. This arrangement, for example, permits marketing departments to target smartphones, thereby executing management decentralization and assisting user empowerment practices. SOA, in general, is the basis for organizations to perform diagnostic analytics for business intelligence (BI) capabilities.


Other prominent vendors of BPM are Microsoft, Open Text, Kofax/Singularity, Oracle, EMC, Fujitsu, Software AG, Pegasystems, Adobe, Tibco, and PNMsoft.

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