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Coach Levi to Offer Free Diet Analysis and Nutrition Guidance for 2015

Coach Levi to Offer Free Diet Analysis and Nutrition Guidance for 2015

In only a few short days, gyms and fitness centers will be flooded with new members.  Grocery stores will see record sales of fresh produce and healthy, natural foods.  Then, just weeks later, the crowds will return to their old routines, and the status quo will resume.

This phenomenon occurs every single year on January first.  People make New Year’s Resolutions to get in shape and lose weight, often changing their entire lifestyle, only to burn out and give up.  Few people stick it out longer than one month.  Fewer still actually reach their goals and see long-term success.

Levi Bloom, founder of the website , believes there is a simple reason why so many people fail.  According to Levi, the reason is that these people do not have a coach supporting them.  As he explained during a recent interview, “If you look at every successful athlete, they have a coach guiding them along the way.  It’s the same with any team, from Little League Baseball up through the Major Leagues.  It’s accepted that a coach is absolutely necessary.  So if you want to accomplish your goals, why would you not enlist the help of a coach?”

He says the problem is two-fold for endurance athletes who want to lose weight.  These athletes need to eat a substantial amount of food to be able to train properly, yet if they are not careful, they could overeat.

He faced this problem himself for years as an elite mountain bike racer.  In his own words, “If I didn’t eat enough, my racing suffered.  If I ate too much, my racing suffered.  By the time I had it figured out, I retired from racing!”

Levi recently completed the 18-week theory curriculum and passed a written exam certifying his understanding of the best practices of nutrition, which earned him his Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.

He wants to help the next generation of athletes look, feel, and perform their best.  That is why he is offering a free diet analysis and meal plan to interested athletes of all ability levels.

The sign-up form can be found highlighted on his coaching services page at

About Coach Levi

Levi Bloom is a former elite mountain bike racer who now serves as an endurance sports nutrition coach.  Levi holds both a USA Cycling Level 3 certification and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification.  When not coaching athletes, Levi enjoys cycling, hiking, yoga, rock climbing, kayaking, and almost anything that involves being outdoors.

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