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Coal Moves to the Front Line with New Weapon

Coal Moves to the Front Line with New Weapon

New clean coal technology offers promise of salvation for dying coal fired power industry and reduces CO2 emissions up to 27% at the same time. Natural gas isn’t as safe as many think and contributes 34 times the heat trapping greenhouse gasses as new coal fired power plant energy catalyst technologies.

Sheffield Village, Ohio, July 06, 2015 — New weapon prepares coal to defeat the so-called inevitable.

Trying to find a happy solution for energy and environment, has resembled the search for the promised land during the tribes of Israel’s wanderings in the desert. The Government has proposed regulation, others have proposed renewables, and still others have proposed natural gas. The circle has been made with no conclusion or consensus. Coal has been under attck and marginalized because of the alleged environmental impact of carbon dioxide in its theoretical role in global warming. The supposed inevitable trend is less coal power production with coal fueled power plant total US production predicted to drop 40 GW by 2040 even without the Obama administration’s latest proposal. Post-Proposal, 90 GW by 2040. The report coming from the EIA (Energy Information Administration), rather than the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Natural gas is projected to fill the vacuum that coal leaves, as one can see beginning to already happen. Renewable energy, however more efficient, will take a backstage position until further notice. As all this takes place, the price for power will press in on the walls of the household income, possibly rising 7 -10 percent in the near future. The Proposal, apart from blatantly refusing to recognize the possibility for innovation in the coal industry, will cause power prices to rise, eliminate thousands of jobs, promote environmentally devastating natural gas, and show how incompetent the over-reach of government regulation can be in the name of promoting a safe environment. The problems present in this issue are innumerable and frustrating. The reality is that the thousands of Americans working in the coal industry that have families and responsibility will be without a job because coal will be virtually dropped as a major energy source, and nothing will have been done to remedy our endangered environment, just trading one for the other . This is a gross atrocity that must be stopped. There is a better solution, and it has been demonstrated that there are better clean coal options which can help to revolutionize the process of converting coal into energy, reduce CO2 and save the industry money which translates into lower not higher energy premiums paid by the average consumer.

If coal can be made less hazardous and cost-effective during production it can continue its reign as the most powerful form of energy production. Globally this process is already starting to get underway and in other countries coal is already being revolutionized. These companies are using a new spray-on coal catalyst that promotes the natural ionization process, making their coal less hazardous and on average more than 12-20% percent more efficient. The ease and low cost with which it is implemented and integrated into the normal power making process makes it unquestionably the most remarkable solution to the supposedly insurmountable coal issue. If every coal company in America implemented this process, it just may show coal to be the most efficient and safe source of energy production, boost the economy once again, and help us move toward environmental healing. With this new weapon, coal will find itself back at the top, meeting environmentally safe standards, as well as moving toward more efficient and powerful energy. To find out more about the revolution, go to

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