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Collapsible Plastic Pallet box with smooth inside side

Collapsible Plastic Pallet box with smooth inside side

ZAMKO comes with a collapsible plastic pallet box to be used with a wooden pallet.

The walls and inside bottom of the pallet are made of plastic with a smooth finish. Also a cover, which is included, make the goods “mouse-proof” during transport and storage.


Discount price

Because the foldable plastic box pallet is put on a wooden Euro pallet, the pallet can now be offered for a very attractive price. This box is interesting for companies for whom plastic pallet boxes until now have been too expensive. And your goods inside will benefit from all the advantages offered by these smooth closed plastic pallet boxes.



The pallet consists of four elements: a wooden pallet, a plastic bottom shell, plastic folding pallet walls and a plastic lid.

The walls are made of very high quality 10mm thick sandwich panels. These have a higher load capacity and impact resistance than walls made of channel plate.

When building the box, the folding walls are pushed into the edge of the bottom shell, after which the products can be stacked in the pallet box. After the lid has been placed the lid is pushes a few centimeters into the walls, making a very sturdy whole. The profile of the lid is in fact designed so that the pallet is standing tigh and secure on top of the first box. The box can also be stacked during transport or storage.



The boxes can be loaded up to 500kg and stacked three-high (total 1.500kg). For most applications, this is more than sufficient. For detailed specifications and pictures, visit


Truck load optimization

The pallet boxes are available in different heights. Depending on the inside height of the truck truck these boxes can be stacked during transport 2- or 3-high.

The most common model is 95cm high with a net capacity of 0.72 m3

The higher version is 113cm tall with a net capacity of 0.89 m3

The lower version is 83cm high with a net capacity of 0.60 m3



More information

More detailed specifications and photos of this collapsible plastic pallet box is available on the website


Phone: +31 40 304 13 74


ZAMKO is a supplier of high quality foldable pallet boxes.. The combination of our experience, our assortment and our competitive prices have already resulted in many successful projects.

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