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College Survival Tips from Your College Survival Guide

College Survival Tips from Your College Survival Guide

Graduating from college is a turning point in a student’s life. And then comes the most difficult part and this is where all the confusion starts. There are very few students who are focused and know what to do by the time they are out of college. This comes with great support and access to information either through parents or professors or any other source. But during college days, students are busy studying or honing their skills to get good grades and hardly get time to think about what they are going to do next after they get graduated. It is only just before they are about to leave college, their thoughts wander about on what to do next. is an excellent guide to success in college. It offers college survival tips for students who are currently in college and are waiting to be graduated. The link below also offers some of the most common mistakes are committed by new grads such as taking some major decisions after graduation. Some of the most common mistakes are not going for a holiday or take that much deserved break; discounting health insurance, not searching for a job or preparing themselves for the job that they are interested in; not paying off their debtors; going for unnecessary expenses and many others.

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Your College Survival Guide , is a site that offers tips to students who have recently graduated from college or are about to graduate from college. The tips basically revolve around how to become responsible students by managing their finances and making the right decisions as a student.


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