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Come in and have fun solving murder mysteries at MMT on the New Year’s Eve

Come in and have fun solving murder mysteries at MMT on the New Year’s Eve

Texas – Who does not love to be a detective and solve the murder mystery? At Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas restaurant guests are welcome to attend the New Year Eve Killer party and the biggest ever Gala in the State. This internationally acclaimed and all time favorites of the Hollywood stars has been growing its popularity day by day.

The New Year’s Eve!

Have fun playing murder mysteries at all cities in Texas. We need  murder mysteries to solve all over Plano, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston. Enjoy your delicious diabotical dinners in any of these cities and have fun winning prizes for all your hardwork. The New Year’s Eve is much more special than any other events where lot of mysteries are awaited to be solved, fun games to be played and prizes to be won by wonderful guests.

These mystery events consist of fun and excited games where all the hosts assign each guest to a group and make a team to solve the murder mystery. Every guest can become ‘The Sherlock Holmes’ in this game and enjoy being part of one of the crime solving stories. These mystery events are inspired by the best selling mystery authors such as Peter Falk, Henry Lee, Richard Roundtree, Dennis Weaver and many other co-hosted luminaries.

What’s so special about MMT?

Keith & Margo – the masterminds behid the MMT ‘BANG’ are the most professional and elegant as praised by many press and media. MMT has its own grade and is very classy as it has been attracting thousands of celebrities and popular artists over 37 years.

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Visit http://murdermysterytexas.com/ or contact us at  972-263-5178. We are also available over email at robert@murdermysterytexas.com / debbie@murdermysterytexas.com

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