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Company Reveals High-Quality Ingredients Of LMage Eye Serum

Company Reveals High-Quality Ingredients Of LMage Eye Serum

15, January 2016: The industry of non-invasive skincare formula has now embraced the arrival of LMage Eye Serum. This non-invasive skincare formula has the formulated natural ingredients, which have attracted some consumers who voluntarily wrote their LMage Eye Serum review articles in the World Wide Web.

The Natural Ingredients

According to the spokesperson of the company, Ms. Allison Shafer, their product contains the following natural ingredients.

* Palmitoyl pentapeptide
* Lemon extract
* Retinyl Palmitate
* Wheat Germ Oil
* Vitamin C

“With these ingredients, our product is proven effective to generate positive results to the passionate consumers. But, there’s one rule to follow: Every potential consumer has to use our formula twice daily,” says Ms. Shafer.

Features and Natural Benefits

The company has announced, too, the specific features and benefits of this non-invasive skincare formula.

* Improved collagen production
* Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
* Enhanced moisture and hydration
* Renewed suppleness and plumpness
* Revived glow and youthfulness
* Increased tone and texture
* Without side effects
* Painless and subject for topical use only
* Recognized in the industry
* Affordable and has a trial program

Availability of LMage Eye Serum

The company reveals that their non-invasive skincare formula is available only at their official website. This formula can’t be purchased at any leading supermarkets or groceries worldwide.

“The risk-free trial of LMage Eye Serum can be claimed via our official webpage. This is to allow the potential consumers avail first the beauty of our product without spending their hard-earned money,” concludes the spokesperson.

For Media Contact:
Address: 4012 Virginia Street
Chicago, IL 60601

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