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Coniefoxdress.com Celebrating Yearend with Huge Discounts on Prom Dresses 2015

Coniefoxdress.com Celebrating Yearend with Huge Discounts on Prom Dresses 2015


China – Coniefoxdress.com is a reputable online store that specializes in all types of special occasion dresses and custom dresses. The company has already built its global reputation by offering finest quality linen and best designs at affordable prices. The owners recently announced sky-high discounts on prom dresses 2015 to tune in to the festive spirit that can be felt in the air. The owners have exclaimed that the discounts will remain valid till January last through some offers are subject to availability of stocks. They have made it very clear that the top design trends of 2014-2015 have been closely followed in designing the cheap prom dresses . However, they have also added that they will add many more new products to their online store in 2015.

Coniefoxdress.com offers a plethora of special occasion dresses through its online retail outlet. In the current year, the company has garnered huge profits due to the fact that all of their products follow rigid quality benchmarks. However, the owners of an opinion that competitive pricing has also worked as a plus for their continued business growth. They have also added that they are offering huge discounts on wedding dresses as well. Capturing a larger market share is now the sole objective of the China based wholesaler of fashionable garments. Cheap evening dresses that are featured on the website of Coniefoxdress now come with unbelievable discounts.

“We are anticipating rapid growth in 2015. We gathered 2015 sales data and we have found that our products are especially popular among 20-25 age group people. We will be strategically targeting this age group in 2015 and all our sales and marketing campaigns will revolve around this sole objective. As of now, we are offering huge discounts to make our customers a part of our yearend celebration. However, these discounts and promotional offers on cheap party dresses 2015 will not become nullified with the end of 2014. We have planned to increase discounts on some products come 2015”, said the owner of Coniefoxdress.com only recently. He also revealed their plan to open physical outlets across China by the end of 2015.

About the Company

Coniefoxdress.com offers cheap prom dresses, evening dresses, wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses through its e-retail store.

Visit http://www.coniefoxdress.com/ to find more.

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