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Converting, Resizing, Optimizing And Sharing Photos Is Now Easy

Converting, Resizing, Optimizing And Sharing Photos Is Now Easy

Those who want to resize and optimize their photos and jpeg images have a good news because the Picture Resizer software is now available for them. Those who have used this app have expressed their complete satisfaction because its interface is very simple. Not only that, every feature of the tool is displayed on its interface itself. This is what differentiates this tool from many similar apps available in the field.

It is the pull-down list on this Picture Resizer that helps users resize their images suitably so they can e-mail them, burn them into a photo disc, display them on various instant messenger programs and publish them online. There are certain parameters on the app for helping users in creating files of specific sizes also.

Users who want to resize many of their files instantly may find this program very helpful. That there are options for customization is another advantageous feature. But users cannot make any edits to the presets. This need not be a reason to despair because the built-in editor on the app can help them in effecting changes to its basic features like drawing tools, rotation utility, etc. Other features that have been included in the tool are that users can create slide shows, icons, etc. These may be basic features but users will certainly welcome these bonuses.

Batch conversion is another useful and welcome feature on the app. Every user has acknowledged the fact that this software has an interface similar to that of the photoshop. This Picture Resizer app comes free of cost.

To summarize, this app is useful for those who want their photos and jpeg images converted, resized and optimized. They can share the photos also with others. So, folks who try this tool are certain to find it useful.

About The Picture Resizer

The Picture Resizer helps in converting, resizing, optimizing and sharing photos and jpeg images. Since this is a simple tool, more and more users have been using the tool. All the features are displayed on the interface of the tool itself. The app comes free of cost.

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