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Albuquerque, New Mexico – is announcing the formation of an online marketplace providing copywriting services by giving organizations and individual’s access to top copywriters at affordable rates.

The freelance copywriting website allows copywriters to submit their work in response to a brief posted by a project holder in need of copywriting services. Writers submit drafts to the client, the client reviews submissions, and a winner is chosen.

“This similar crowdsourcing business model has worked well for graphic design sites like DesignCrowd and 99Designs. What we’re doing is applying a similar model that connects businesses and individuals in need of great copywriting services. Whether it’s a new slogan, copy for a brochure or new verbiage for a website, connects the perfect writer for that particular project. It’s a win-win situation for both parties,” said CopyContest Co-Founder Dariush Vollenweider.

“Now more than ever, organizations and individuals need access to top copywriters who can craft great advertising and marketing content. We believe that our business model provides the greatest leverage for organizations because they are not locked into using one writer at one ad agency. That old way of doing business just doesn’t cut it any more. Why not have access to a worldwide team of copywriters?” said Michael Speziale, CopyContest co-founder.

With backgrounds in business and marketing,’s founders knew they wanted their online marketplace to focus on copywriting.

“Great copy builds trust and spurs consumers to take action. Top copywriters know how to use words to tap into people’s emotions. They make ideas come alive. In today’s business environment mediocre copy won’t cut it. You have to make your products, services, and brand stand out in an effective manner. Great copy will accomplish all of those things,” Speziale said.

“Using a platform like CopyContest could potentially allow ad agencies, law firms and similar businesses to farm our their work instead of paying high over head cost to employ talented writers. Why not shop the best copy available?” Vollenweider said. not only benefits businesses and individuals in need of great copy, it allows writers to get paid for jobs based upon their skill. It’s free market economics at its purest. Writers no longer have to bid on projects based upon a rating or work done on past projects. They can participate in as many projects as they desire, free of charge, and let the writing speak for itself. If the project holder finds that the submitted work of a writing participant resonates with their vision, the project holder can then pick them as the winner of the project.

“The possibilities are endless for the talented, hardworking copywriter,” Vollenweider said.

To learn more about visit them on the web at

About is an online marketplace designed to provide business organizations and individuals alike, with great copywriting by giving access to top copywriters all over the world. Project holders receive multiple drafts of work ensuring the job is done right, while writers receive compensation should their work be selected by the client. Dariush Vollenweider and Michael Speziale founded The firm’s headquarters is located in Albuquerque, N.M.

Dariush Vollenweider, Co-Founder
Albuquerque, NM
(225) 315-5750

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