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CPS tracking from help many citizen of LINAN avoid the stealing situation

CPS tracking from help many citizen of LINAN avoid the stealing situation

America – The application of the GPS vehicle tracking from could effectively avoid the situation of bike stealing.

At December 3 of 2014, a Citizen from Linan China spent 300 YUAN to install the related GPS tracker on his bike at the police service point. This citizen becomes the number 900 people who GPS bike tracker at police point.

This citizen said that his two electrical bikes have been stolen by theft and now he wanted to get a sense of security by the application of the GPS tracker on . ¡°It is indeed that the totally cost for this device is very cheap and I only need to pay the small amount of monthly traffic fee. Compared to the losses caused by the theft of the car, I think it is worthwhile.¡±

Ms. Wang live at a tenants District and her community is the old open style district, where has the inadequate light and no security monitoring equipments. ¡°When I park my electrical bike at my community every night, I always have the feeling that my bike will be easily stolen by the theft. Today, the district has been installed with the street lights, and y electrical bike has also installed with the GK301 . I feel more comfortable.¡±

In addition to all examples before, there are also many people who also installed their car or bike with the anti-theft GPS tracking device. However, this should be very good method to avoid the stealing situation. If people want to know more information about the GPS tracker, please do not hesitate to visit website

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