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Craft Beer Teacher Begins New Fall Semester as a Professor of Brewology

Craft Beer Teacher Begins New Fall Semester as a Professor of Brewology

Marietta, GA; 14, September 2015: This week local beer maker Thomas Monti of Marietta, Georgia has started up again his class of “The Fundamentals of Beer Brewing” at Kennesaw State University for fall semester. Armed with a new syllabus and class field trips to breweries and brew kitchens, Monti is excited to share the knowledge of brewing to others. Technically Monti is the only Professor of Brewology in the State of Georgia. His mission is to teach others about the fine differences of beers and their profiles and share working knowledge of how to create and bottle them. Fermentation, developing recipes and food pairings are just a few of the highlights that his class at KSU offers. Monti has been consumed with explaining craft beer production for many years and his standing mission is to share with others how to not only enjoy the subtleties of beer but also how to make it in your home. Monti is so focused on this that he quit his day job to open a home brewing store in 2013. The craft beer movement has continued to grow in America and Monti wants to be a part of that wave. “Once a customer tastes the difference of a quality craft beer and understands they could actually be making this at home, they are all in”. Beer making, like home winemaking is becoming more common these days, and using education to share the tools of this craft whether through classes at KSU, at his shop (Schoolhouse Brewing) or online Youtube videos is what makes Thomas Monti energized. “There is a world of flavor out there when it comes to beer, you just have to know where to look” Monti explains. Thomas approaches his students and customers with a gentle attitude, “I want to communicate the technical side of beer but be humble while doing it. I view beer instruction as a team effort, plus home brewed beer costs about half the price of buying craft beer at the store, so getting people on board is easier than you think”. Professor Monti is a man devoted to his craft, craft beer that is.

Monti is available for interviews, contact

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Thomas Monti
Phone: 770-361-5247

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