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Crazy Gratitude Experiment – Possible Proof of Mind Over Matter

Crazy Gratitude Experiment – Possible Proof of Mind Over Matter

Author and motivational speaker Mike Pettigrew has just released his new video training course “The Keys to Empowerment, Success and Happiness”.

In this four-part video course Pettigrew gives two intriguing demonstrations of mind over matter, to show how a person’s mind and emotions can affect what happens to them and the experiences that they draw into their lives.

These thought provoking demonstrations show how small physical objects can be moved using focused thoughts and emotions and Pettigrew urges viewers to try these experiments for themselves.

He explains that “when you do these simple experiments for yourself and you discover with your very own eyes that your thoughts and feelings really do affect your environment, you can unlock within yourself the power to change any situation and achieve anything that you truly desire”.

Several years ago Mike Pettigrew was a self made millionaire, but through a very painful sequence of events where he trusted the wrong people and made bad investments, he lost everything.

He even reached the point where he did not have any money to feed his wife and their new born baby.

He describes these painful and frightening experiences in this new course and shows exactly how he changed his circumstances and became successful once again.

Central to what he teaches is his simple yet powerful ” Crazy Gratitude Experiment ” which he claims will enable anyone to quickly transform any painful situation and move their life in a powerful new direction.

His four-part video course “The Keys to Empowerment, Success and Happiness” is available at no cost and all that’s needed to access it is a name and email.

Pettigrew claims that everybody has the ability to change their own thoughts and feelings, and when they do this they can transform their life and achieve everything that they yearn for. He even says that the process is far easier than most people believe.

This high content video course reveals the exact steps that can lead to a life of empowerment, success and happiness. It is also claimed that those who follow the simple instructions given in this course can start seeing encouraging results very quickly.

Mike Pettigrew also has a YouTube channel and runs the popular Transformation and Empowerment podcast.

The purpose of all his training programs is to help empower individuals so that they can transform their circumstances, achieve greater success and lasting happiness.

Further details and access this unusual and inspiring course is available by visiting:


Mike Pettigrew is a motivational speaker and is the author of the six CD training program “The 30 Day Success Formula”. He is also the producer of the popular Transformation and Empowerment podcast and the founder of the Institute for Afterlife Research.

Mike Pettigrew
Address: Transformation and Empowerment
Suite 5049, 5 Fitzwilliam Square East
Dublin 2, Ireland

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